Thursday, June 24, 2010

What a week..........

WOW... So this sorta starts off with my sons birthday party on Saturday. We rented a table at the Skate Inn here in town and he had invited 3 friends, plus our own. This is a costly venture and if anyone does do this, look into how many of the children coming actually skate. The party was 4 hours long and mind boggling. One of the little boys mothers asked if we could keep him over night. She kinda put me on the spot, but since we did not have Father's day plans, and my son was going to her son's birthday party on Sunday, we said yes. (MISTAKE) This woman is a friend of the "other" woman I discussed on my meltdown blog post. I should have known.

So, OK, the boys stayed up late as boys do, and were up early. 530am. UGH. This is fathers day. Well by 730am, child that stayed with us, wanted to go home. He was bored. 730am here people. Sigh.. so we call his mom, and I left her a message saying I understand it was early but he was practically in tears and missed her and could she give me a call when she gets up. I left a message on her cell. About 930am I left a message on her home phone. Her son in the meantime, has been calling her from his cell. She never did call back, and Paul took the kids at 2pm for this boys birthday party. She was there but leaving and did not say a word to Paul. GRRRR

Monday rolls around, and another of the children that had been to the party on Saturday, his mother calls, and wants to get the boys together at her place. I am all up for that. She will pick them up at 2pm. All good. So a third boy from the party also wandered over to our place, so I let the boys walk down to the grade school they attend.

The day went fairly well up till about 7pm. My older son, took his bike and went up to the little store. He comes back, grabs an ice pack, and an Ibuprofen and heads to bed. (unbeknown-st to me, he had a conversation with my husband, and so my husband knew something I did not know until Tuesday morning)

So, Tuesday morning arrives. MY oldest boy has a black eye?? What?? Where did this come from. Oh mom he says, some punk at the store walked up to him and out of the blue, cold cocked him and ran off. Hmmm... I am thinking there is more to this story. Tuesday passes in much the same manner as Monday. Kids head up to the school, they went swimming at neighbors. Oh, but one thing, the third child from the bday party that had wandered over did so again. Well then he left. Later his baby sitter called looking for him, and I had no clue where he was. He periodically wanders off like this. Later found at neighbors with the pool which is how my kids got to go swimming also.

So yesterday, same routine pretty much, but oh, both cars have broke down, Saturn needs a starter and the jeep needs who knows what. I am pretty much home bound. The kids once again go up to pinewood. Well an hour later, they are back and saying that a teenager had threatened them with a gun. WHAT??

OK, now we get to the whole story. I sit Sam down, the one who had the airsoft gun on Monday, who's dad told him not to tell anyone about it. Well he apparently snuck Sneaked? snuck? grammer... hmm whatever, he took it up to the school with my boys and the teenager had stolen it from him. This I had not heard about. SO I have the boys describe this teen. My older son, with the black eye comes down and says mom, mom, I know who he is. He is the one who cold cocked me on Monday night. This teen did an awful lot on Monday. Assault, theft, and threats with a weapon, on school property. OK, long story shorter here. I Googled the kids name, he goes to the alternative school, and has quite the little "attitude" so wondering how he knew my oldest son. (another story) and he did not just coldcock him, he asked to pop a wheelie on his bike and when My son said sure, he grabbed the bike, dropped it, then punched him. Nice shiner by he way.

Anyway, back to yesterday. I ground all my kids to the yard. They are no-longer allowed over to the school. I call Sam's mother, (got dad in trouble) ha ha.. idiot. Then called the police. I filed a report and so far have not heard back. Now interesting. The officer did know who this boy was, and the boys brother, and his parents. He asked if my kids hung out with him. I of course said no way in hell. Ever and ever. BUT, wondering here, why this teen is still out on the streets.

I can't WAIT till the weekend!
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