Sunday, July 10, 2011

Gypsy............all over

I started this recent set of blogs to let people know who I am and what shaped me. Right now, I am skipping all over, due to certain events in my life. I am still writing about my childhood and growing up, but this one has to do with a certain friend who I just started to get to know and is now moving out of the state.

Lloyd DeBarr.... musician and friend. What a guy. So... Last week at Marco's in Lynnwood Wa, Rick and I had gone down for the evening to see him off. His band, NSANE' was playing the last two nights with him, prior to his move.

This has to do with my friendships too. So Rick and I walk in, and the place is packed. Lloyd was on the dance floor on a break chatting with people. He saw me and Rick, and gave me a huge hug. Then says, I have something for you. He tells me, on the next break, he'll present it to me.

Well.. imagine my curiosity... not having known him long, my mind is wandering here. wondering what heck could he possibly have. In the meantime, the band starts up again, Lynn Sorensen, and Lloyd and Doug Mcgrew, and Marino.. Great band, and I have to say, I'm going to miss them.

The next break rolls around and Llyod and I head outside with Rick. We go to Lloyds car, and imagine my surprise when he pulls out his Louisville slugger and hands it to me. (I won't say what he said, he knows, Rick knows, and yea.. lol.. well, inside joke,) but the meaning behind this bat that is now mounted above my bed, means more to me than anything I have received in several years.

I find out later the meaning of the bat to Lloyd also, and I am just stunned at his thoughtfulness and generosity. I don't know what to say about how my life is changing and taking different paths than I imagined, but I am so grateful for the people who are in it now. This is what friends are for.

The men and women in my life, thank god have lived a life parallel to mine and know the meaning of true friendship. They know how to step up. All this has to do with god, and how we live our lives. Integrity and honesty, and although things may change in the future for me, and the people I have who surround me, I will always love and cherish the memories of this time.

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