Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Gypsy.................................Bling My Bra

This is my mother, at the age of 83, she is 85 now.

So, two years ago, I started in a group on the internet, that does bling my bra for the Susan Komen Foundation. All the bra's that are made, are hand done by each member of the group, and auctioned off on Ebay.

Last year I was un-able to take place in this due to personal reasons. This year I am back in the game and I am more than ready to get this going. This is a very near and dear cause to me.

45 years ago, my mother had a mastectomy. Back then, most women did not survive breast cancer. My mother did, and is still alive today. I myself have been on tamoxifen for a very different reason, but believe there is a cure out there, and the more we contribute, the more we have a chance of finding one.

This is going to be a short post, but to those of you who support the cure, please follow my blog and hit the like on the facebook page for me. See links below.

Special thanks to all involved in donating and making of these bra's.
Special Thank you to our Founder: Beth Cherkowsky
This years Officers:
Kathy Simpson - CEO and Chief Bling Officer CBO
eBetsy Bolger - VP Media Relations
Beverly England - VP Marketing and Talent Coordinator
Danni Ackerman - VP West Coast Operations
Karen Locker - COO and Chief Squirrel Tamer
Facebook page, please hit the like on it, and follow our progress.

Please feel free to contact any of the Officers for more information.
Also, please bid, all the money is donated to research. Thank you~
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