Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Letting go

We have all been in that spot. You know the one, where you want to chuck it all and say F*K it.

We'll I've been in that spot for a few weeks now... Yea, I know the drill, it is what it is. Let the cards fall where they may, blah blah blah... but there are time's that we end up here and it becomes hard to get out of here.

So, This blog is to do that. Get me out of here. HA! <-------- nope, didn't work.

I've always always just rolled with things. My whole life. Still rolling with it. School is starting soon, so trying to get the kids back on track and schedules straightened out. Adjusting to new circumstances in my life. New routines.

Working on the blingmybra campaign and making decisions about my future. Big changes coming, and hoping these are all for the better. What I do know, is God has control of this one, not me, never have, but he's got it even more so now.

So, I am out tonight. Have to be, need to be, getting my head together. Hopefully. Have a good night all~
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