Wednesday, November 30, 2011

liars, game players, drama..... BS!

The one thing I will tell you about me, that most know, and some don't. I don't like liars! I never have, never will. 

When you lie, you have to tell more to cover up the 1st one. Whats the point? Really? When someone wants something in life, go out and get it. Don't lie about it. It may hurt the people around you, but dragging it out hurts more. 

It's like cutting your arm off. Would you prefer the a slow long slice, or a quick cut, all the way through and be done with it? 

Well this is where I stand. I don't lie. I won't lie, and if someone does not like it, well then to bad. That is me. 

I will give you 100% until you screw me over, then I am done, and what I mean by that, is, I am done. No lies, no games, no bullshit. Done, moving on. Period. 

Why cannot more people be like this. Life would be so much more simpler if they were. More people would be happier and healthier, if we just were true to ourselves and everyone else in our life.  

Be real people. Don't lie, honesty is the best policy. I know, cliche, but it is. 

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