Friday, August 17, 2012

Her Touch

Her touch is like angel wings, drifting softly across his body. Goose bumps arise on his bare skin, and he feels it to his very core. Like an ocean breeze on a warm summer day, it's felt in every part of him.

His biceps to his wrists, then slowely down his back to his buttocks. He's never felt the way she makes him feel when her hands travel the entire length of him. Touching his heart like no other. The lightest of nails, slide down his torso, taking his breath away.  Sliding to his calves, down to his ankles. Her touch is a peice of heaven.

She relaxes him with a whisper, running her fingers through his long hair. Taking him to a place of peace, with no worry, nothing negative. If only she could touch him like this forever. Taking all the pain and heartache of his past away with just her hands. Making him the only one to have known the feel of her heart.

The depth of awareness, the expanded consciousness, the increased sensitivity, the awareness of limitation, the tenderness of love, the meaning of friendship, the appreciation of life, the joy of a passionate heart, it is her's to give to him~

"My love for you is a journey; Starting at forever, And ending at never."~ She touches him~
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