Monday, September 16, 2013

That's done .... what next?

Another chapter done. Trying to process why all this shit keeps happening to me. 

I know I wrote earlier about the paths we take, and how I think it is all connected and no matter which way we went we still end up in the same place.... 

so.. OK, what does that mean? 

My paths have been pretty winding, but I always seem to end up on the short end. Is it my nature? Am I always destined to be constantly trying to get over the next hurdle? Hurt, lost, confused..... 

I'm a good person, people tell me that all the time. I accept people for who they are, good and bad. No one is perfect. 

I mean yea, I always seem to have something happening, but isn't that life? I'm not the only one for Christ sake. 

Right now I am trying really hard not to lose my cool... I'm tired of constantly being screwed over. At least that is the way it seems right now. 

In closing; I'll say this... let me know when you can walk on water... until then? Fucking bite me. nuff said. 

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