Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Who are your friends?

Once again, I am learning who my friends are and who only wanted to be, because of who I was, or even who I may have been with. 

I grew up here in Washington State. Raised in Lake Stevens, graduated, and went to college here. I worked the bar scene for a good 25 years, along with private security, and contract security. 

I won't go into detail but I will say this. You would think that by the time you are my age, the people around you being in the same age group would just grow the hell up. 

Don't think I have not heard about how certain people are and their reputation. When I worked security for so many years, I had people tell me things that could have put their butt's in jail. It was funny, and my girlfriend of 30 years and I still laugh about it now. I knew things about people that I didn't even know. 

I think people told me things because of how I presented myself.  Now don't get me wrong, I never divulged anything to anyone, but the point is, I could have, and lord knows I knew way to much about certain people and activitys that could have put me at risk. Why these people thought they could spill their troubles to me, or tell me things I had no business knowing, but apparently they still do. 

So here I sit, thinking again about the importance of having all these connections on the internet and how they benefit me in a positive or negative manner. I have come to the  conclusion, that I don't need them. Especially the ones who friend up with me, un-friend me, more than a couple of times, based on what might be happening in my personal life. If you follow me on twitter, facebook, my business page, LinkedIn, or other social network sites, add me, drop me, add me, and drop me, I'm done. Just done. I don't play games. I don't mince words. There will be no more on again off again. I no longer buy into the idea that the site removed you for the umpteenth time. 
I'll stick with the friends who have always had my back. I don't need new ones. I like the tried and true ones.   I know who my friends are. 
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