Saturday, September 21, 2013

Vultures......The Nitty Gritty


I hate politics! Remember when the world went crazy about Monica Lewenski and Clinton? Good god, what a ruckus that was. My thought's at the time, were "really people" Don't you have anything better to worry about, or talk about or put in the mainstream media? Christ, what a bunch of idiots. 

I'm sorry, but really, how was this anyone's business? It should have stayed between Clinton, his wife and the "other woman".... 

You people, and you know of whom I speak; the ones who feel the need to be involved in every aspect of someone's life. Anywhere from business, to personal, to how someone is in public. Why, for crying out loud, do you care? How does any of this benefit you? 

In my estimation, it makes you nothing but a vulture, circling the prey, waiting for a fall from grace, so you can swoop in,  get your claws in and rip the dead and broken apart. 

Clearly you have nothing better to do with your life, but to live vicariously through someone else. Grow up! OK? The only time your opinion is wanted is when it is asked for. 

You are nothing but a bunch of blood sucking leeches, who feed off drama, and create more. When are you going to get your own life? When are you going to stay the hell out of everyone else's. You are like an octopus, you're tentacles reaching out for the next piece of algae that floats on by. 

bet you sang that... lol.... 
Get a life I say... stay out other people's lives. You have no business there. You say human nature? I say excuse. You are nothing but a shallow parasite.  Oh, and if you are thinking that this would be your next big conquest, think again.  History repeats itself. Remember that. 

Do me a favor, change how you view things, it's not always about you... have the decency and courtesy to mind your own. 

Caveat; I have purposely  left out names, places and people to protect the NOT so innocent. 

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