Thursday, October 3, 2013

A new day dawns

It's amazing what the human spirit can go through and still wake to a new day..

What seems like yesterday, I was brought so low I didn't feel I would find my way from the darkness I was in... 

It took many different faces, and story's to listen to, and one amazing email from someone who reached out to me, that turned this around. The email and consequent soul searching after that is what changed my perspective on what can be achieved and how. 

Compromise is a part of life, accepting faults and success's together is part of your character. Living with love and integrity can change so much, for just one person, one situation, and in doing that, the ripple it causes in your life has a never ended reach. 

I know each day will bring a new challenge, kids, work, finances... but moving forward with a fresh perspective, will be easier than before. Knowledge is power, and having the knowledge I have now, it will help in the coming days to stay focused and moving forward. 

I don't know where my life will yet lead me, or why I am where I am at now, but I know that with each waking day, and the people who are in my life, who give me courage and strength, passion, love and support, and I give those in return, that nothing will stop me from what I deserve in life. 

Follow your dream's, listen to your heart... it always knows what is right in the end. 


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