Saturday, October 5, 2013


I wonder sometimes, why the people that have come into my life are here...

What is the lesson; what's the ultimate meaning....why, for me, or for them?

The pain I carry for having made the choices I have, the pain my children carry.
Its a night drive and as I pass places I have been to with others in my life, I think about the times I was there. The way I lived then, with dreams and goals. All changed. Through three men in my life; Dark now, lights off...doors closed.

Children grown, two having moved on with their life. Yet the men still flit through my life like there is suppose to be some meaning in it, a role they are still suppose to play.
I've moved on, to new things, new friends and a new man. What is it about me that makes the old ones want to come around? To cause harm, emotionally, and try to damage what I have now.
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