Tuesday, October 1, 2013

more of me

Thinking of my childhood years..... growing up in a small town with a huge family. I don't say huge lightly either. 

My father's family, 13 brothers and sister's all grew up in Snohomish Wa.  When dad turned 17, he joined the Army.  We were never told much about his year's in the service, other than he served in Korea. 

After returning from the war, he met and married my mother in 1954. 

I had two brother's growing up, Randy and Tim. We were all three adopted from different family's at different age's.  Tim, the oldest of us, was a newborn when mom and dad adopted him.  Randy, I remember, was closer to two... and we met his birth mother. I remember it was at Easter, and we were under the kitchen table playing. My dad made that table, it was beautiful. Claw feet, and seated 16 when the leaves were inserted. 

Dad made a lot of beautiful furniture. I have a cedar chest and a rocking chair he made in high school. I still sit in the rocker.... everyday. It's where I do a lot of my writing. I also have his hand made wooden chest set. 

I idolized my dad growing up. Born on June 6th 1928, a Gemini, dad was the epitome of the 1950's suburban father.  He worked for the same company for 38 years. His brother was his boss. (My Uncle Dale)  Dad had an old Chevy Station wagon, prior to us kids. He traded that in for a VW Van that he made hippie curtains for. We traveled to every state there was except Hawaii and Alaska. 

In the early summer of 75, mom, Randy, Tim and I flew by plane to Boston. Dad didn't have vacation time until later in the summer.  He decided to take that time and drive out to meet us.  This was an awesome summer for me. 

I was 10....but for some apparent reason, felt older. Ha! If I knew then what I know now, feeling older would be the last on my list of feelings. I do know it was an idyllic summer.  I was introduced to rock and roll by my cousin Sharon, and rode around in her convertible all over Woburn and Boston.  I remember Captain and Teneal.  "Afternoon Delight"  A song that still reminds me of that summer. 

We went everywhere. I got to see my 1st movie at a drive in. My cousin had to sneak me in. My dad didn't believe in going to the movies. "wait a few year's" he'd say. "It will be on television. 

Dad always had catch phrases for something. "I would't pay to cross the street for that _____ (insert name of rock and roll concert currently in town.) "If god wanted you to have holes in your ear's" "you would have been born with them." In response to my request for pierced ears. (I was 14 before he allowed that). My granddaughter thinks she had it tough with me. Ha!  "If god wanted you to fly he'd have given you wings" ..... he always had something. 

Anyway, back to the summer of 75. I felt totally free that summer. We went to Maine, Cape cod,  Vermont, New Jersey, and New York. We swam in rivers with our sandals on, learned to body surf on the Cape. We explored old houses and found antiques "older than my mother" in my mind.  This is when I really found I had a love for history and antiques. 

By the end of summer I did not want to go home. We traveled back with dad. Up through Canada, to see relatives of his that still had family behind the "Iron Curtain". My Uncle Joe. 

Back down to the Niagara falls, and then dropping into California at some point and traveling up 101 into Oregon. From there stopping at random roadside attractions, and finally arriving home after 3 weeks and over 3000 miles. 

Out for the night~ Peace 

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