Friday, November 15, 2013

The ultimate betrayal

This happens when you don't take care of you. Your psych. You start to believe in the world around you. All the goodness you see and feel. Everything that is happening is new, exciting, and plays on your mind. It lies to you, yet you don't see it. 

You live in a fantasy of your own making, thinking your ideals and morals reflect those of the people around you. Common bonds, love, laughter, music..... it's all smoke and mirror's. You are blind to what is happening, you tell yourself there are always reasons for what is happening. A test, a struggle, a crisis. All adds to the belief that you are living in a realistic world. 
Stop betraying yourself 

Why? Because that is the way it is suppose to be.  We all work toward one thing in our life. Love, peace of mind, happiness. We each take a different path to get there, some long, some short. We learn lessons along the way, gaining people, and loosing people. We change our direction, sometimes we even compromise our own belief in how things should be. We change, and allow what we believe to change us. 

Take the blinders off.... start paying attention to your own internal desire. Your truth. Stop wasting time with what you think things are, and go after what they should be. 

Live your truth. Stop betraying who you are. One should never be made to feel unimportant or feel like they have to give up hopes and dreams for the another...all need to support each others hopes and dreams and encourage each other - when hope and dreams die, so do relationship's, slowly until there's nothing left to fight for..

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