Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Beginnings and Endings

I’ve lived through things I would never have thought I was capable of, and because of it I am stronger and wiser. The process of wounding awakens us to our strength. It shuffles our values, and the top priority is never what you thought it would be. It’s never about perfection, or power. It always turns out to be about love. Knowing ourselves to be vulnerable and our time here to be limited, we’re freed to live more passionately, and fully than we have before, to discover what’s worth fighting for and who we are. Real strength is buried at the depths of any wound we have survived..

It doesn't matter where life has taken us, it's never too late to make a change. If where you are is not where you feel you should be, it's simply because you're becoming enlightened. You're learning, flourishing. You now have an opportunity to move forward from this moment into a life that better suits the new you. Perhaps life leading up to this point is starting to make sense. It's becoming clear that everything in your past has been for a reason, a growth opportunity, to make you stronger. You suddenly feel different, as if everything around you is miraculously changing. Welcome to the doors of a new you. Do not be afraid to enter.

Whether your life up to this point has been easy or whether it has been difficult, you are here just the same. And your destiny does not care one bit about your past You will understand why when you look back, the answers are rarely given in the middle of the lesson.

Only at the end. 
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