Friday, March 13, 2015

He opened my heart

He opened my heart and unraveled the last shred of decency I possesed. 
only Bobby will ever have my heart 

His eyes stripped me, his hands laid me bare. His touch was heaven, his words like wine. 

I lost myself in him, day after day, night after night. 

He knew all my secrets, all my life. He knew me as the sun knows the moon. 

I was helpless to his love, he gave like no other. 

He took nothing in return, except my soul. He owned me. 

He taught me about the world, how to love without reserve. 

He was everything to me. 

In return, I gave of myself, all that I was. 

All that I will ever be, he was the one. 

He opened my heart, he owned me. He will always own me. 

The only one who will ever touch me, 

The way he touched me. 

There will never be another, who can do this to me. 

I will never be open again, the way I was with him. 

My soul will not be bared, my secrets not shared. 

There will only be ever him. 

And the sun, and the moon. 

Was I beautiful, so he loved me, or was his love that made me beautiful? 

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