Wednesday, March 9, 2016

The Ride

Changing paths can make all the difference in the world 
Spring is on the way. Flying down the back roads of Snohomish Co, wind going past, the smells of spring in the air.  Fresh mown lawns, cold and brisk, yet the sun is out.  

You can taste the promise of a new beginning. Memories of childhood, growing up in the country, farms, hay, earth.  Memory's fill my mind, of my younger self, traveling these same roads, yet now, it is so much different. 

Life's lessons have taught me to be open and receptive to change, and new beginnings. I'm free spirited, wayward, and wild, yet grounded to my upbringing and roots. A contradiction in terms. 

I want passion, excitement, chaos, complications, and joy,  yet, I want freedom. Freedom to be me without reserve. I want someone to have to fight for me, when things are going wrong. Someone to ground me when I am heading for the door. 

I want commitment,  compassion, creativity, through good and bad. Change, growth and love. I want life. Storms, thunder, lightning. 

This ride I am on, is the start of that I think. We fit. Thoughts, ideals, moral upbringing. We are comfortable, but I also know, that I will have the rest that comes with this. I feel it. 

Mistakes will be made, feelings hurt, fights will happen, but in the middle will be respect. Respect for individuality. I think I can do this. Fear and anticipation for where this may go, the road less traveled, a broken pattern, that needs to be broken. A possibility for the future. 

As we roll through the small towns, the air changes to stillness, in anticipation of rain. Washing away the drudge of winter cold. Cleansing the past, and opening the skies to stormy weather. Opening a new path. 
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