Sunday, January 25, 2009

Romantic nod to the past

With a look back at the past in yesterdays auction at the auctionwally booth on bonanzle, I found a bit of history that has not been in my collections.
I have always been attracted to photos from the past, and the people who are in them. I find that having a variety in my business, has helped tremendously with the clientele I attract, and also with my own knowledge of whats what.
I am adding a new section to Gypsy Trading Company, and I will keep you informed on detail, and content.
I want to say, the format that I experienced yesterday, could not be repeated elsewhere, and I commend the brains behind the idea! It was a blast, and look forward to the next round!
Thank you to Walt Kolenda for making the experience wonderful, and my first with a top auctioneer!
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