Sunday, March 21, 2010

Pasta............................That's Italian, for noodles.

I'll start by saying, this was a date long in coming. Usually when Grandma takes the kids,(once or twice a year) we have no clue what to do. We drive aimlessly, usually we are both grumpy, and we waste a whole day, finally by ending up on the couch watching a movie, or going to bed to read. I think it is just the fact that we are getting some quiet time from the kids, that makes us not want to really do anything.

So backing up here, we decided this time to really plan the day. Antiquing, nice dinner in an upscale restaurant, no limits on the budget. (Well not no limits, but less than normal limits)

The last three days was a build up to yesterday, Paul working, me working, and the kids at school. We couldn't wait to get out. I do have to say, in the back of our minds, though, we were still reluctant, waiting for that one thing that would send us home to nap. He did a job this week, and because the guy had a prize winning garden, they were not allowed to use a machine. He dug a trench by hand. Therefore, we knew his carpal tunnel would act up. I have been ill since October, and was unsure if I would make it through a whole day without a nap.

On to the date. We dropped the kids with grandma, (who forgot she was watching them) then took off to get gas and hit the bank. We had decided we were heading to Anacortes. A little town up on the coast that caters to Antiques, Artist, and bikers. You have to pass through Mt Vernon to get to it. This is a gorgeous drive. The tulip festival is up here, and although they are not in bloom yet, the daffodils were out. I made honey stop to get pictures. His term is pictures of Fleur's. (Yes, I am married to a dork, but he is my dork)

By the time we get up to Anacortes, it is going on 1:30pm.... WOW Already? So we browse a few antique shops, and then of course, the inevitable aches and pains set in. I am done, he is done, so now on to find a great place to eat.

Back in Mt.Vernon, there is a great old building. Used to be a bank, then a antique mall, and now it is called the Il Granior. This apparently has been voted by king 5 news viewers, and Evening magazine as the "Best in the Northwest" Italian food.

Really? OK, we'll start with the menu. Fancy Italian names. Antipasti, Insalante', (that's salad for those of you who don't speak Italian.) Pasta, That's Italian for noodles.

When we arrived, we were the 1st customers in there. Great ambiance, Italian chef and owner, nice small intimate tables. Fairy lights, OH and Itailian music. (appaerently Kenny Rodgers and Dolly Parton can sing in Italian. We've got tonight)

They have a 4pm to 6pm 4 course meal for a good deal. 20.00 a pop. Starting with Bruchetta, a salad, and endless garlic bread and the main course, of course. Paul choose the Strozzapreti calabrese, (this means store bought, but I'll get to that later) and I had the Fettucine Il Granio. He ordered a black brutte, and I had a coffee. Great Coffee!

The waiter brings the endless bread, along with the appetizer, the brushetta. Looks like a open face blt, with out the lt, and pretty much taste like it to. Oh, and the waiter had to have been new, because the Mexican busboy did a better job. (I'll mention him later also, since he got the bigger tip)

Now we move on to the endless garlic bread. I did say garlic bread.

GARLIC BREAD? This looks more like croutons. See?

That's Paul's Insalante' Looks like a big ole crouton on there... that was the endless garlic bread. It works. I think they keep a box in the back.

OK, now back up a sec here, also on the beer and wine menu, they had little astirch next to some of the listings. We assumed this meant, Bottle, carafe, or 1/2 carafe available. His Black brutte? That comes in a keg or 1/2 keg.

On to the main course.

1st I show you Paul's Stozzapreti Calabrese' (again this must mean store bought, because it seriously tasted like Chef Boy Ar Dee, according to Paul, so I had to taste, and of course he was right.

Now mine, (who can mess up Fettucine?) Well the chef. I asked for no mushrooms because, Who eats fungus? Really, so it took awhile for them to pick the mushrooms out. We had a second brushetta brought to us during this time, and thought nothing of it. (The table behind us, did not get theirs, although we did not know this until the end of the meal.)

My fettuccine tasted like tuna casserole. UGH... Paul tasted, and at this point, we were pretty much done. I could have had the meal comped I suppose, but we were tired, and I just wanted one more picture and to get out of there.

The picture was taken by our busboy, who did more work than the waiter. He got the bigger tip. He also gave Paul a chair, because well... he could see he was tired.

We were also given dessert, but we took that home with us. This restaurant was named the "Best in the Northwest" for Italian food. In my opinion it is where Chef boy ar dee goes at night to add the leftovers to the cans he puts on the supermarket shelves.
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