Thursday, May 6, 2010

TEENAGER'S ............................ARGGHHHHHH

I took this from a newspaper clipping that I had sitting around for many years. I have revised and added some of my own experience. I thought it appropriate to do this today since my teenager is home "sick" and there are chores to be done, but he is "sick".

I do not know the Author, but he hit's it spot on.

My kids think I am boring.

I know the following won't be read by my teen, or my children for that matter, nor probably anyone Else's teen, but I thought that parents would enjoy it.

Short lesson: This is why your parents are "boring."

You may have noticed their absence from the home during the day on weekdays, and sometimes on a weekend. Monday through Friday, they do something called work, for reasons MOSTLY to do with you, however, there are taxes, current trends in prices, ect can expect them to be doing this for years to come.

Work is how they pay for the house you live in, the car you drive, the food you eat, the clothes you wear, and the tickets you need to see whatever concert it is that you "have to see" this weekend. I won't mention the overages on your cell phone plan and the late fee on movie rentals. (100.00 last month! I could have bought them)

Work is usually from 8am until 5pm, however, in this day and age some parents work from home, and so these work hours vary greatly. BUT, Monday through Friday, because of traffic, add an hour each way for the commute. This means they get up at say OH 5am, and don't return home until say OH 6pm or later. If everything goes well, which is not always the case, as happens several times a week, you can expect them to roll in about 8pm. Once in awhile they get something that requires the label of "important project" and they end up working on a Saturday. NO, they do not get to skip it, or call in SICK.

They work for someone known as the "boss". By the way, you think your teachers are tough? Do they make you do things that seem pointless? Do you think they do not understand how TIRED you are, or that your having a rough day because Tiffany broke up with Chad, and you're stressed about what Chad might do? Wait a few years.... then you get to meet the "boss" commonly know as Attila the Hun, OR you get a "boss" who is worse than Attila the Hun, and will make Attila curl up in the fetal position and cry, then fire him for wasting company time crying.

So after work, your parents get home. Unless they enjoy, endless tuna sand-whiches, and cardboard pizza, they get to make dinner. As they start to cook, they wonder " are those the same dishes that were in the sink last night?" "Didn't we ask someone to put them in the dishwasher and by the use of incalculable reserves of energy and unimaginable physical dexterity, push the ON button?"

Time for the "dish fairy" to put in an appearance, sweep the house for glasses and plates, and do them. That way everyone has something to eat on, besides the kitchen table.

They serve dinner.

"This again?" You know I don't like casserole, (meatloaf, stew, soup, chops. ribs, goulash, fish, rice, beans, carrots, peas, potatoes, salad,ect) "WHY do we always have this?" Can't you guys ever make anything else?

They finish dinner and clear the table. They put the dishes in the sink. With a sense of futility, they ask, "would someone do the dishes while we are at work tomorrow?"

As they finally settle into the living room, they hear a voice saying, "I don't have any clothes for school tomorrow". They respond: "Why don't you pull some from that humongous pile in your room and put them in the washer?" When they are done, transfer them to the dryer, dry them, then take them out and fold them and put them away.

They hear the sound of slamming doors.

They go to bed in order to rest up for another day. Then the weekend comes.

That's when they wash the car, buy groceries, clean house, fix the leaky gutter, cut grass, return movies, go to church and occasionally buy the 1st new shirt or skirt they have had in a year.

On Sunday night, they drift into sleep knowing tomorrow is Monday and the cycle starts all over again. It may seem boring to you, but it sure looks more like busy to them.

They can't dodge any of it, and the good ones don't even try. The funny thing is, that most of them love doing it, (won't admit it) but will actually look back on it fondly.

That is if they're not arrested for boiling you in oil 1st.
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