Friday, December 16, 2011

This man

This has been one week from hell, let me say. Ha! Well I said it whether you liked it or not. 

We all have weaknesses and strengths, things we are good at and imperfections. No one is immune to it, admitting those are what is going to get you somewhere in this life.

With all the holiday cheer and craziness, we forget what is important about this time of year. Love, friends, empathy, compassion and giving from your heart. 

On Tuesday of this week, I had one of the roughest days I have had for the past year. The man I am dating, the man I am in love with was the one who came to me, to help me through it. All he had to do was be here. That was all. He did not have to talk to me, hold me, understand me, or any of the things that we expect in a relationship. All he had to do was show up. He did. 

I want to say, that by doing that, and all the other little things he does for me, are what stay in my heart, and always will. His calmness, and presence changed how I was perceiving what was happening around me, and that was more meaningful to me than anything anyone could have done. 

Thank you Rick, for being in my life. 
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