Friday, August 24, 2012


Her mind wanders to a time when she was a young girl; seeing her parents love surround everyone around them. Never a judgement, never critical. Always providing what was a basic need in every human life. Love. Unconditional.

Growing up middle class, a father who worked at 5am, and was home by 5pm. Dinner always on the table by her mother. Not demanded, not expected, done out of love, integrity and cherishing what was right in her world. A concious choice. Both parents supporting the other in everything they did, whether it was raising the children, working, or following thier dreams.

Did she know if her parents had dreams? Her mother was an opera singer at one time in her life, she was in the waves, and once having met her father, came the sacrifice of giving up what she wanted for what they choose to do. Be together, have a family, and do for that family what most in todays society do not respect or cherish.

There was always give and take, never one sided. Her father did everything for her mother and his children, and her mother did everything for her father. Mature enough to realize that the choice they made was for life. Vows were taken seriously, no matter where the road lead them. There were not terms like drama, or self gratification. They valued what they had, in each other and in thier children. What god threw at them was life, and they lived it to the fullest.

Her mother sang in the local choir's, at the civic center's and in the different churches they attened over the years. Never did she hear her say, she wished she had followed a different path. Never was there a regret, at least none that was shown or taught to her young family that she may have wanted things differently. She was blessed and happy with her life.

At one point in time, she heard her father mention he had always wanted a motorcycle. He did not say it with regret in his voice, it was just a statement to him, because he knew on a level that most do not understand that the choices he had made, had taken him down a road where everything that was done in his life was done for the people around him, not for himself.

Both finding happiness in how they lived. Loving what they choose, what was given them; unconditionally.

That young girl is now an older woman, a truth seeker, a woman with confidence and living her life the way her parents did. Giving love freely, with trust and integrity, no matter the sacrifices she has made herself. Living wih no regrets. Giving back what was given to her. Blessed with people who are like minded and give love the same way it was given to her. Happy with other peoples happiness, despite what her own trials and tribulations may be.

She knows she does not have much time here in her earthly body, and chooses to give what god gave to her. Knowledge to pass on to her own young family, to accept people for who they are, what their needs and dreams are, no matter whether she may think thier choices are right or wrong. It is not for her to decide, but to support, and sacrifice what she can to make them happy, in turn making herself happy.

This is what life is meant to be. Gracious and good, giving and living, to the best of her ability and passing that on to those who surround her. Loving un-conditionaly,


Friday, August 17, 2012

Her Touch

Her touch is like angel wings, drifting softly across his body. Goose bumps arise on his bare skin, and he feels it to his very core. Like an ocean breeze on a warm summer day, it's felt in every part of him.

His biceps to his wrists, then slowely down his back to his buttocks. He's never felt the way she makes him feel when her hands travel the entire length of him. Touching his heart like no other. The lightest of nails, slide down his torso, taking his breath away.  Sliding to his calves, down to his ankles. Her touch is a peice of heaven.

She relaxes him with a whisper, running her fingers through his long hair. Taking him to a place of peace, with no worry, nothing negative. If only she could touch him like this forever. Taking all the pain and heartache of his past away with just her hands. Making him the only one to have known the feel of her heart.

The depth of awareness, the expanded consciousness, the increased sensitivity, the awareness of limitation, the tenderness of love, the meaning of friendship, the appreciation of life, the joy of a passionate heart, it is her's to give to him~

"My love for you is a journey; Starting at forever, And ending at never."~ She touches him~