Thursday, September 13, 2012


Anyone remember my meltdown blog?  You know the one, where the "mother" of one of my son's friends dropped her children off in my yard, like it was a public park, after not contacting me for a year, WHEN I was not home? 

Remember how I slammed my jeep into reverse, burned rubber into the neighbors yard, jumped out went off on her? Manners, common sense, courtesy,  stepping on people's toes, dis-respect......ect..... how I thought she was a pathetic excuse for a mom? 

The one where my son is hanging out the bedroom window asking me if I want my gun's....(and laughing) but oh, it was not funny at the time. 

OK, well, here we go again, this is not about a mother, but about people period. I have just about reached my limit with all the deceit, backstabbing, lies, and BS, that is being flung my way. OH, and lets not forget the "politically correct" manipulation that is happening. 

This is just an fyi, for those of you who watched me flip on my last meltdown, this one? Yea.....The one that's coming on, that will probably start with the school board tomorrow, continue on to ....let's say the people who are no longer in my life but want to continue to talk trash and throw stuff my way on occasion. Then.... how about the so called professional one's that are oh so not professional, and how about the one's who have messed with my friends? Yea, them too. I am just done. Done being nice, done being giving, sweet, gracious, blah, de, blah blah, blah. Done. Get it people?? 

Just a warning. I have never been a mean person, and truly, I hate having to say or do anything. People should just know better.  I have had my meltdown in the past, and that one? That was nothing compared to what I got stocked up now. 

Really going to need my tiara for this one, and the diamond knuckles. 

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