Saturday, October 26, 2013

Internal war

So much to do, but I'm struggling between right and wrong. Time is passing so quickly, yet I feel immobilized by circumstance. Loosing myself in a transition of lifestyles. Wanting one thing, but heading fast towards another.

I feel I'm watching a train about to derail, not knowing how to stop it, or if I even can. So much hope, pinned to one thing....each person in my life making choices that impact everyone around them, yet not seeing the consequence of the action.

My children, my lover, myself....wading through the ripples of life, trying to do the best we can, living a truth all our own. Choices made years ago, still whisper across our path, disturbing the natural flow, sending out more echoes.

Be careful of what you do in life, for somewhere along the way, it comes back. Again and again, until we get it right. Love, loss, pain, heartache, happiness...we can't have any of these without the others. Friendships, comes and goes. Waxing and waning throughout you're life.

Those....traveling down through generations long after we are gone. Echoing....affecting, creating an endless circle.
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