Monday, October 7, 2013

Live your truth and let me live mine

I had a conversation twice this week about truth. Actually in the last 3 days. The 1st time, I was talking about it at a friends home. We had talked about my writing, and people who blog, and he had recently found out that something that someone who had done some writing for him, was in no way truthful about what they had written. 

The second time I had the conversation, was with a girlfriend. This was about someone in the industry who had made a comment about me, publicly, which was odd, because this person has never met me, and the comment was so far off base that it took up a bit of my morning being ticked off about it. I realize that I cannot control the actions or thoughts of other's, but this one had to do with my personal life and personal business.  

This morning as I wake, I am thinking about why people do this. I do not lie, I do not embellish to make the story better, and I certainly do not break the trust of other's by getting in their personal space and going through things that they have chosen to keep private. If you want to share with me, than great, but if not, that is your business also. 

At great risk of repeating myself, and I have written about this before, so I am repeating myself, and I truly hate that. *grin*  I am a book. Total transparency. There is absolutely no reason on god's green earth to lie about something, or to invade the privacy of other's. If you want to know something about me, then ask. I'm tired of the assumptions that are made by petty shallow people who do not know me. GET TO KNOW ME!  

I have been on the internet for 7 plus years, my life is on here, I write about it. Personal and public. If you want to know me, then you are more than welcome to read about me here, if you want to know me in public, then you are more then welcome to come out to the many show's I attend. I am honest, and loyal, I have wonderful friends, and a good man in my life. Beautiful children and I'm happy. I am not a jealous person, nor petty, I don't carry the events of my past with me, and project them onto my current situations. 

I am who I say I am. plain and simple and it bother's me to no end that I have to deal with people who are not, or have ulterior motives in their life, and cannot live with integrity. Grow up! We are not in high school! Get a life, OK? 

If it comes down to a simple lack knowledge of not knowing how to do something, such as adding a friend on a social site, or finding something in search, or what ever the problem may be, then teach yourself, or ask someone how. Please, do not make assumptions about people you do not know. You end up sounding paranoid and looking like a ditz/jerk...what ever the case may be. For me? I tend not to want to be friends with people like this. I don't need the drama, nor the headache. 

Done with this now. Jumping off my soapbox and getting back to my real life! 

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