Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Living in fear

What do people fear?
The saying, living in fear could mean anything to any one, depending on subject and context.
My whole life, I never thought to be afraid. I mean, yea, some things are scary, but to be truly afraid. What does that mean.....
We are attracted to the polar opposite of our own self. When we look in the mirror, and ask the question, what scares us....what answer do you come up with?
The people in our lives; friends, family, lovers....who are they? A mirror reflection of ourselves. When we find what we do not like or accept in another person, it is what we do not like or accept about our self.
What inspires anger, or hate filled thoughts to another human being? When those thoughts are provoked in us, our integrity and character come into question. To love fully, to live fully, to accept humanity in its true form, is to live not in fear, but with integrity and compassion, and empathy.
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