Tuesday, October 15, 2013


It's been about a week since I sat down and really wrote. Looking at where I am at in my life at the moment, I wonder about motivation. Mine. I've been questioning what I want out of my life. Family, love, commitment? Companionship...having shared experience? 

I can honestly say, I don't know. I've reached a point in my life where I am questioning so much. My direction has changed once again. I'm falling way from the antiques and heading to more writing. 

I have been putting together a series of events in my life to share with other's in the hopes that they can gain something from my experience. We all view life differently and perceptions I have learned are each persons truth, even though we can both see the same thing and come up with a different interpretation.

A few weeks ago, my computer met an unfortunate sticky demise. That being said, my postings have been from my phone. Not so easy when I need word, and have to edit and format. 

Since then, my world has been a whirlwind of shows, and hanging out with friends, and really not doing a lot of anything. Time to get back to the writing. 

I am borrowing Rik's computer at the moment, but if any one has one, hit me up! 

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