Saturday, February 8, 2014


In the corridors of my mind, I am wandering.... passing closed door's.. it's dark, and I can barely see the outlines, the shapes of things to come. 

As I pass a doorway, I pause... wondering what is behind it. Curious, I open it slowly; what unfolds before me is a scene from my past... 

I am on a road, it is day light, my father and brother are there... there is a car that is parked at the curb. 

As my father looks up to me, I see another car pass slowly by... the driver obscured. But I know who it is... I know what he has come to say.... 

I close the door, not wanting to hear, to see... and move through the darken corridor. I pass another door..... hesitating, wanting to open it, yet knowing that what I will see is not to my liking.... 

I keep going... passing more and more doors.... following the corridors, turning corner's, like life changes. 

As many doors as I pass, and corners I turn, I know I am traveling through my life... passing somethings by, going through others.... changing with the time and shadows. 

I am there again, in that dark corridor.... not knowing which door to pass by, which one to stop and open.... do we ever really know, or is life an endless passageway... leading us to an unknown destination. 

Or do we get to stop and choose, which door to open, which one stays shut. My father is still with me.... watching, waiting, to see what I will do, where I will go. He knows that dark place I am in.... he's known for a long time. 

Yet has always walked with me there... through those corridors. 

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