Sunday, February 23, 2014

Light and dark

Every dark thing one falls into can be called an initiation. To be initiated into a thing, means to go into it. The 1st step is generally falling into a dark place and usually appears in a dubious or negative form. Falling into something or being possessed by something. The shamans say that to begin medicine, is to begin by falling into the power of the demons. To embrace them. The one who pulls you out of the dark place becomes the medicine. The one who stays in this is the sick person. You can take every illness; psychological and physical as  initiation. Even the worst things you fall into are an effort at initiation;  for you are in something that belongs to you, and now you must get out of it.  

The unknown... what we fear is inside us, and we quarrel in our minds about the significance of it's existence. We know that it is there, but we do not always understand why, and maybe we won't. Maybe it is there for us to know that it is a part of us, like breath. It just is. Maybe there is not an "answer" in the human sense. 

What we face is larger than we can comprehend in the narrow corridors of our minds. It is beyond this.  We are conditioned to not see past what is right in front of us, and to continue in a cycle of un growth. The ones who truly make it past this darkness, are unique in their thinking. They strive to be more reflective, and more enlightened. They question, everything; and that is good. That is when they find the light in that darkness, and embrace it along with the dark. 

Seeing past it, does not seem to be the answer, embracing both, the light, and dark, the demons and angels, only then do we truly learn who we are and possibly why we are where we are at in life. 

This is where we "get out" and start to heal. Nursing the demons, and encouraging the angels. Light and dark. We are both. 

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