Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Almost spring.....

It's almost spring, or so it seems.... with the blue skies and sunlight shinning in our windows. 
I love you Bobby G. Riddle 

I fell in love with you in the springtime, and our summer was the most wonderful summer I have ever had. It has always been my favorite time of year, and being with you made it all the more beautiful. 

Everything sparkled and shined. My days were brighter with you in them.  Quiet days on the Lake, watching the world go by with the music playing softly in the background. Our summer nights, dancing with the fairy lights on, on the back deck. 

How I loved you Bobby, and oh, how I miss you. The sun is shinning on the deck where you held me in your arms and we last danced as the sun was setting.  I will miss our walks in the little towns we loved, strolling down the sidewalk, holding hands,  window shopping. 

I wore dresses all the time for you. You loved them, and so did I. They were long and flowing, with beautiful flowers on them. So spring like. I wore them through the summer for you. any chance I had, I would. 

We would go to the beach and watch the boats on  the water. Our favorite place was sunset park on Lake Stevens. The town where I grew up at. We would stop and get fried chicken and jo jo's,  your favorite, and you would bring you're fishing gear. 

I know that this summer is going to be hard for me, but I will wear the dress you bought me, and go to all our favorite places. I will put the music on at night, and sit on the back deck while the sunsets and think of you. 

I will try to find peace in my heart, knowing you will be with me in spirit as I do the things we both loved. You took my heart with you when you left, and I am no longer the same girl you fell in love with. 

Your love changed me for the better, and your leaving has changed me again. I will honor you Bobby, for the man you were. Loving life, and people and music. I will do the same in your name this spring and summer,  for I know this is what you would want me to do. 

Your strength and beauty as a man, touched me deeply. I have never loved the way I loved you. I will forever miss you. 

R.I.P Bobby G. Riddle 5-11-56 ~1-20-2015 

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