Wednesday, February 25, 2015

In the sunshine

I will forever love you Bobby G. Riddle. 
I fell in love with you in the sunshine; dancing on the commons to the music. 

We were an unlikley pair, you older; more refined. Me, with a streak of wildness still. 

A glint of mishief in you're eyes that mirrored my own. A sense of adventure, a craving for life. 

We laughed under the stars. You said the 1st kiss was when you knew. That it told you all you needed to know. 

We spent the summer going to festivals;  dreaming of having a life together. We made plans into the morning hour's, until we fell asleep in each others arms. 

Each day for us was a new exsperience in learning each other. Our connection was old, and deep. A connection that was time honored. 

Our love was mature; a love that was not based on intamacy, but more intimate than we both had ever had. 

I dread the sunshine this year; yet yearn for it at the same time. Like a young girl, looking for who she loved, and still loves.  I want to find you again, in the rays that warm me. In the music we both loved. 

I want to sit on our deck and think of you with me. Still loving me; in the sunshine. 

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