Saturday, February 14, 2015

Those last moments

Oh, what I would give to have those last moments alone with him again. 

Bobby G. Riddle
I love you 
Quietly, in his hospital bed, beside him, as the nurses come and go like shadows in the night; To repeat this, over and over again. 

So precious to me... his final hours; to see him pucker to kiss me, to watch him sleep so peacefully... 

It was 9 day's, like the 9 months we had together. Such a short time, yet seemed so long. It was like I knew him my whole life, and had been waiting for him. 

I would have those 9 months back if I could, I would have those last 9 days.... to have them play endlessly like the music we loved so much.... 

Friends, coming and going, all quiet, respectful of him. To exsperience this again, to see him smile when they came. 

To hear him tell me he loved me, one last time... 

These moments, play over and over in my heart and mind when I go to sleep at night; but how I wish I could have them again. 

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