Monday, May 18, 2009

Internet Power Houses and The Belluvue Bonanzleup

So we came together for a meeting of the minds starting on Friday May 15th.
Downtown Belluvue Washington, at the West Coast Hotel, I finally got to meet Phaedra Stockstill of, and her husband Jeremy. I selfishly hogged her to my self for the day to garner information to benefit my business, and quickly learned that not only is she an amazing woman, she has the backing of an amazing man behind her.
I not only got to know this lady and her man, I have come to fully understand the mind behind the success. What drives her, and her business forward is staying in the "know" and being in the forefront of a progressive business. She unfailingly, and unselfishly adds intelligence and value to everything she does, and to who she surrounds herself with. Being constantly on the move, and constantly striving to better her business, and the business of others.

On Saturday May 16th We started our day getting ready for the meeting at the Belluvue Towers. Heading over about 10:45 am, to meet and greet. Arriving at the Towers, I finally got to meet a few others that I was interested in meeting, and one is Alan Seaton of A wonderful gentleman that I look forward to meeting and spending some time with again in the future.

The other lady I looked forward to meeting, and was glad I did get to spend some time with her networking, is Cindy Shebly, of Cindy is a wonderful down to earth woman, who has been around, and someone to pay attention to. She wrote the ebay bible, and is now running her own site, and teaching and consulting people on how to make their business successful. In this picture with Cindy, is myself, Phaedra, and our new member, Joe Campbell.

Upstairs in the 5th floor meeting room, a beautiful relaxing atmosphere for a casual introduction and a Q & A session for the reason for the meeting. We meet, Bill Harding, Founder of Bonanzle, and Mark Dorsey, our chief raconteur. I have to say, that the dynamics of these to men are perfect for the vision and goals of the site that they have spent the last year building. In a world where nothing is really very simple, these two have built a site that thrives on simplicity and individuality. Catering to the small seller, the real people, who build our economy, they have provided an innovative service to those of us who are building our own businesses in a time when we need it most. The only thing I can add to this is "Brilliant" and stay tuned to for the best place to sell on the internet.

Now in ending here, I wanted to turn our focus to the men in our lives. The ones who make it possible to do what we do. This is cheers, at least from me, to my husband Paul Barton, and to Phaedra's Husband, Jeremy, for with out them, we would not have been at this meeting of the minds, nor quite possibly where we are at today. So thank you to two wonderful men who give never ending support to two very appreciative women.
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