Monday, February 8, 2010

The internet, and rose colored glasses,.... has it become silent all of a sudden?

So for the last several weeks, I have slowly pulled away from the internet.

It used to be, (and this was only a year ago) that when I would log in, there was always something happening. Podcasts, forums, valuable blogs, tips on marketing, ect. All of a sudden of late, I no-longer hear that background chatter. I had my days and evenings booked, with calls, and events, chat's and webinar's. Groups and new people, now I do not.

I am not sure if this is because this is the beginning of the new year, or if this is just my perception, but it seems as if there is less and less information out there to be had, or at least less valuable. It is feeling cutthroat all of a sudden. I am no longer quit enamored of the people I meet, or interact with, because there seems to be a lack of engagement. No chat, no group meetings, no hey, how ya doing? Some one is always looking for something to benefit them, whether it be sales, or just the looky me mentality... but it has become quite the turn-off. is still good, goals are still in place, but I no longer find the mutual support amongst people, at least not in the manic manner in which it seems to have been prior to now.

Don't get me wrong, I still enjoy and benefit from some of that information that is out there, and from the people that it comes from, but not from behind rose colored glasses. Maybe this is part of growing in business and on-line, but in my opinion, it no-longer holds the power it did at 1st with me. Maybe I am wrong to think that who I have met and interacted with, learned from, and moved forward with should still be around for my needs, or my perceived needs, but one of the 1st things I was taught here was to support those who support you. I just don't see it happening. It's awful quiet out there.

What do you think?
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