Friday, March 5, 2010

I said NAPS...............not CATS!

I will keep this relatively short.

So in the last several months, I have been going through some health issues. In a nut shell it came down to a test I had done last week. A bone marrow biopsy. Arrghh the pain. If any one of you find your self in this position, go for the blood work. It takes longer for results, less painful, and less expensive. Trust me, this was not fun.

Well, we got the results last night, but before I tell you them, I will tell you what lead up to this post. Everything was fine as far as my nerves go on this test. I knew what they were looking for, and had prepared my self for possible bad news. (I thought) Anyway, in the middle of this, we have a cat. She is pregnant, and so decides to go into false labor the day of my results. HA HA HA... I had been needing a distraction, because the closer the day came, the more nervous I got. Not sleeping well, and over tired. Well, I had a little chat with god, ya see, and asked for a distraction. He misunderstood.

I asked for a few NAPS, not a few CATS!

So, that was my distraction. God has a pretty weird sense of humor. My cat had false labor, I never got a nap, and the day was long.

The good news? The tests all came back negative. No rare blood cancer, no leukemia, no lymphoma. Back to the drawing board.

Still waiting on kittens to.
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