Sunday, April 11, 2010

Meltdown,............. and manner's

I don't know, It could be the stress I have been under lately, It could be the planet alignment or it could be that some people were just not raised with social skills or manners and doing what's right. (I think the latter is more apropos to what took place.)

It does not excuse my behavior, but I will say this. I am human, and it was definitely the last straw in a very long day.

A little back ground. I have a 10 year old son, who always, always, goes for the underdog. (takes after me) So last school year he made friends with a boy, (we'll call him J) and I knew the boy from school. I help in the mornings at the kid's school, and I also work with the counselor there. So the counselor and I had discussed my sons relationship with this boy, and I had decided to keep an eye on things. They were only friends at school at this point. There is a 3rd child involved here, but I have been OK with him.

So one day after school these 2 boys drop by. Now I was raised, and raise my children the same, no kids over unless I know the parent. Period. So.. I sent the boys home. This little scenario continued for about a month. We'll finally I met "J's" mother. Seems nice, sat and visited for a few, and I gave her my business card and home #. My schedule was also duly noted. No kids after school, I work from home, and plz call a day in advance for weekend activities. (I have 4 kids here) ALSO, I DON'T BABYSIT.

So all seems well.. right? Good boundaries, rules in place, mother met. NOPE! Now that mother has my phone# I am called constantly, and never is my son invited to her home, always it is "can my son come to your place". WHAT?? One, we have 4 kids, different directions and I WORK from home!!! HELLO.. well at this point, I am not arranging to many activities, but I have let her boy come over a couple of times. Then it becomes where she is just rude when I say no, I am busy. Comments like, oh, I thought so, and so on.

SO the 1st day of summer rolls around, and she shows up with out calling. Summer.. OK, my kid's are out, but I STILL WORK FROM HOME. You getting the picture here?
So she drops by, and asks if she can leave "J" while she runs to Seattle to pick up her pay check. OK... 2 hours tops? I have a meeting and an account I am trying to pin down and I cannot have the extra kid around. Mine are suppose to go with Grandma for this.

Well needless to say leaves him.... and never comes back. Does not answer phone, and never later says anything to me. My oldest son walked "J" home at 8pm that evening and I looked at my husband and said that's it. I am done. This woman continues to call to try to make time for the kids, AT MY HOME... no.. I blow her off each time.
They finally they moved. THANK GOD!

So life goes on....

Now it is Friday, of this week. I get up Friday morning, and My oldest boy has track. It is a half day so I know the day is going to be long anyway. I am waiting on a package from Great Britain, but it still has not arrived. When the kids arrive home, I check the mail.

1st thing to set me off. I have an attempt at delivery. WHAT? sigh.......... this is like the 5th time my postal carrier has decided I am not here when I am and just didn't do his job. SO, I call the post office. The supervisor says he'll call the carrier, then call me back. OK.. he calls back. Apparently, the carriers cell is disconnected. Nice huh? Half the people in this country out of work, and this one has a job, but can't do it.

The day rolls on.. I take the kids, drop Antony at the track, go grocery shop, and then stop by post office because they called and said my package was there. During this, I almost was in 3 wrecks due to idiot people and my kids fighting in the back seat. I am frazzled OK?

About now I am looking like medusa, and really needing to just go home. Not Happening.

2nd thing to set me off. I go in, kids in tow, and the person I had talked to was not there, and neither was my package. Well.. fine. Now I am angry, but still holding it together. The person I do talk to gets mouthy with me, and so I blow... yep.. I blow. I am calling the flippin post master. (not the word I used) Sigh... so another gentleman steps in and says nice language lady. OK, he's right, and yes my kids are with me, but I am on a roll now. I whip around an shoot him the bird, then say how do you know I don't have tourette's? A** and proceed to leave.

I get in my jeep, get the kids in, and call my husband. PLEASE come home.. I am not having a good day and it is getting worse. What's wrong he says... I am almost crying.. IDK.. but just come home. OK,he is on his way. In the meantime, my son calls, he is done with track. I pick him up and take him and the kid's home. I decide at this point to call in pizza, and go pick it up, and meet hubby at bank. I leave the little ones.. 8, 9, and 10, with my 14 year old and go. I am a bit calmer now that hubby is coming home. Banking done, and pizza picked up, we head home. Me in the Jeep and him behind me in Taurus.

NOW.............I come around this sharp corner we have on the back road to the house. I am coming up to my house, which has a wrap around drive. In the driveway we don't use, is a vehicle I recognize. OMG.. and kids in my yard. I slam on my brakes, back up squealing the tires, and pull into the neighbors drive. I jump out of my jeep and tell "j's" mother to get her flippin punk kid, and her flippin car off my flippin property, then I holler at my son, who is watching this (with huge grin)my own cheerleading section here, he's 14 OK? and say get my gun, (don't have one), get my badge, (have one, but not active, and call the cops. This woman, gets out of her vehicle. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??????

What''s wrong she say's... why are you swearing at me.. OMG... because.... because I say. I don't like you, I don't like your kid, (not true about her kid) but I have truly lost it now, and your a sorry excuse for a mother, Get the FFFFFFFF out of here. In the meantime, my hubby had driven by, and turned the corner, and pulled into the drive we do use. I get back in my jeep, slam it in revers, squeal tires for more effect here and do the same. (she has gone at this point) and I get out and GLARE DAGGERS at hubby and slam into house.

He is such a so. That was my public meltdown. Do I act like this in general? God no.... OMG.. I never blow like this. It could have been handled so much differently. Do I regret it? Nope, because now I do not have to deal with a woman who does not know anything about manners and social boundaries. I feel a bit bad that my kids watched this... but hey. I am human.

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