Monday, June 21, 2010

Round Four.......... your kidding right?

Well here we go again. So I log into my bonanzle account this morning, and low and behold, my Louis Vuitton Vintage watch is gone. "poof" AGAIN!

So, In the last several months, I had been watching the Purse forum through my Google Alert's, and also a new forum by the name of Not sure where the tagging and bombing came from, and it does not really matter. What matter's is these "self-proclaimed experts", are deliberately going after my business and now are making this very very personal.

Just a re-cap, for those of you who do not know the story behind this watch. It was originally listed in September of 2009. In November, it was tagged, and removed. I chatted with the site, ( and the owners, and the watch was immediately re-listed. Everyone who has heard this story cringes. My feelings on this is if there was some sort of proof of a claim that the watch was indeed "fake" then the person needs to provide that, and we can all move on. At this point in time, "proof" has still not been provided. There has never been any contact between myself as a seller and the person who has decided this watch is a fake.

So, here we are in June of 2010, and once again, I am being signaled out by these people, and again with no proof to back up the claim. It was suggested at one point for me to join this forum, The purse forum and address the issue. HA HA HA. I think not. I did a bit of research on the original poster that decided he did not like my watch. Maybe competition for him? Who knows, but the point is, why would anyone of a business mind, want to join a forum where a 18 year old is making a claim against someone he know's nothing about, and insists that he is right. Oh, and let me clarify, he will be 19 in September. Lives in Hawaii, and probably thinks he knows it all, as teenagers do. (Yes, I do know who you are, and have the decency not to list your posting ID.) That would be called "being professional". SO Not on your life will I ever join this place. I have watched the forum and my views on this watch for months now. Let me tell you, the people who are going here to "authenticate" the items they are interested in buying are getting nothing but opinions, and that is all they are, from kids. Plain and simple. Kids who have nothing better to do than to make false claims they cannot back up with real proof. One of the alerts that came up, was a young lady who was 17 and asking for advice about her boyfriend on facebook, who may or may not be cheating on her with an on-line friend. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? This is the "reputable forum that thousands of people go to for advice on the money they are going to spend?

This question is for the buyer's. WHY would any of you in your right mind, not research an item, in a reputable manner? Your looking to spend thousands of dollars on a purse or a scarf, or trinket with a brand name, and yet you go to a forum on the internet? Oh yeah, they are so good at spotting the fake's. These people are kids. Put it in your Google alert's. Watch how professional they are when it comes to ripping people down and putting people out of business. Ruthless, and they are kids!

So take some advice people. Do it the right way. Go to the actual dealer. If you do not know the product you are going to buy, then research it, but do NOT use a forum on the internet that allows kids to make decisions about your money and other peoples business.
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