Wednesday, September 22, 2010

BONANZA! ......... Odd man out.

Since the announcement yesterday on Renagades bolg, and on Ina Steiner's blog, and a million other posts, forums, facebook threads, the internet e-commerce people have been a buzz with opinions, speculation, angst, and down right upset over a venue that was promoted for two years under the bonanzle name.

*sigh*..... well, I guess I am odd man out on this one. I sat back and watched the commenting the meltdowns the thunder and lightning, like a train going to crash and this, the over all reaction to a community that most have either loved or hated. Loved because it gave them a new venue, low fee's nice people, and communications with the owners. Loved because a precedent was set and an expectation that communication and ideas would be shared within the community to further the development of the site. Hated, because not everyone can be made happy.

That is the clincher. We are back to people being un-happy, and why? Because they were not informed of the name change, or the new market that was acquired. Well here is where my opinion differ's and is probably going to upset a lot of people. Bonanzle was the only site that I have sold on, up until about a year ago. I tried Ebay and a few others, but could not afford it, and stuck with my bonanzle booth. I was never a rah rah cheerleader for the site, but I never was against it either. This is where people really need to look at the bigger picture. I am hearing how the sellers should have been informed, how some had put money into advertising, how some have just bought business cards, and NOW, all this was for naught. I have to say wrong. I know it is inconvenient, but the URL will be re-directed. The business cards are still useful, and people will still shop at the site. WHY? Because they will.

I promote me. My booth, my antiques, my store, on-line and locally. I do not confer with Bill and Mark when I need to up-grade my sign, or change business cards, or for that matter, when I made a name change about a year ago. I went from GypsyTrading, to GypsyByways. Did I tell them? Did I see blog post's all over the internet hollering at me that I "owed" it to them to tell them of my intentions? No, and you know why? It is MY business, and they know that. Bonanzle is their business, and I know THAT!

Should there have been a courtesy? Maybe, possibly, probably, if we go by the precedent that was set, but there wasn't so guess what folks? Deal with it. They do not have to inform us, consult with us, or anything else with us. This is their business. As business people you people should KNOW that. Time to move on. Think about it. You are in business for you. If you don't like the site changes, then go to another site. Simple. Sorry, that is business.

My 2 cents... like it or lump it as my dad used to say. (Still does for that matter)
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