Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Gypsy.......... It's The Law

So this one is about my son, my oldest. Antony....

His father, Mohamed Ahmed, whom I was married to, back in the early 90's, Is from Egypt. The United States never signed the Hague convention with Egypt, therefore, we have no extradition law. In 1996, Antony's cousin Dowsha was kidnapped and taken into international airspace by her father, her mother, Janet never saw her until last year when Michelle Obama stepped in, and requested a visit between her and her daughter in Egypt in Magdy's home.

Antony's dad and several other men from the middle east were and some still are on the FBI watch list. Antony has all his files and fingerprints with the missing children's organization.

Every year, for the last 10 years, (Antony is 16 on the 9th of August) His father has wanted to take him to Disneyland. Every year, his dad has failed to follow the law concerning the court documents and been unable to do so.

So, 3 weeks ago, Antony came home from a visit with his dad, and said to me, I'm going to Disneyland and you are not suppose to know about it. Haaaaaaa.... wow, so, I'm thinking, here we go again. I said good luck with that, because if your dad try's to get you on a flight without my written permission, FILED in the court, a month prior to the leaving date, with itinerary, then they will stop him and arrest him. Have fun.

So about 2 days later his dad calls me all nice and sweet and says, hey.... I need a favor. I say sure, whats up? He's says I'd like to take Antony to Disneyland. I said OK, give me the itinerary and I'll write out the permission and file it. OK, so were pushing the dates here, but Antony is almost 16, and I figure he knows the score by now. Well Mohamed starts his usual, patronizing BS, and I know something is up right away. 1st, I was not suppose to know, now he wants me to do the permission over the phone. I think not.

Well I get home, and Antony shows me his email, where low and behold, there are two different flight plans booked.... hmm... so I call his dad and play it off, saying I have the plan and come get the permission, and I'll file the paperwork. Well, he picks another fight, off topic, his job, his income, (he drives a 50,000.00 BMW, and owes 8000.00 back child support, plus he owes the IRS on his taxes because he was audited on his home office. another Law....the Dumbshit) and anyway, back to the de-railed phone call, he's going to quit his job, yada yada... and I'm making this hard for him, yada yada.... and so on.

This goes on for the past 3 weeks... well, I left over the weekend with my boyfriend and did not get back until Sunday. I come home and Antony's dad is here and now wants verbal permission, yet he is standing there with the written permission, that is still not filed. So basically I told him F U and walked away. Oh, and he was not suppose to pick Antony up until this Friday, yet takes him right then.

So tonight, Antony calls me and says hey mom, I'm not suppose to tell you this, but were driving. Dad has canceled everything. SO, I hear Mohamed in the background, and he starts yelling at Antony, and my son says shut up dad, it's the law. So I say, put your dad on. He does, and Mohamed is nice for all of one second flat then fly's off the handle.

So here is my position on this. He has not read the parenting plan, he does not ever follow through with what he says to his son, and he is now trying to blame me for his canceled trip, which he probably never had booked to begin with. Antony has now called me 4 times trying to get me to file the paperwork, which is out of the question, not because of me, it is because there is no time to get it to the courts, have a judge sign it with a filed itinerary, them to leave on time and be back on time.

Now, here is the other thing about this whole hinky mess this year. My son is in ROTC.. his father disapproves of this. Has from the get go. He gave me two different flight plans, wants to quit his job, owes our government, and cannot pay his child support, and now has canceled everything.... Would any of you reading this make an attempt to still allow your son to go at this late of a date, knowing what could happen?

To all the dad's out there that read this, I know a lot of you are good dads and read what is written, I also know that the ones who pull this crap, I can only say it will come back to bite you in the ass one day. Karma's a bitch.
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