Monday, September 12, 2011

Putting it in perspective

I have to say, that this weekend was one ENLIGHTENING weekend!

I have been in the process of getting the kids on the same page as me, since, well, for a YEAR NOW! (actually much longer, but we'll stick with the past year where it has been just me and the kids) It's sad when one adult undermines another, just because they have a difference of opinion in raising children. It's the kids that suffer the most when this happens.

Electronic age: <<<< Yea, that's what I wrote. OH? you thought this was about the kids? It is... I'll get there. So, growing up, as far back as when I was 4-5 years of age, we had a party line. What's that you say? You remember, the old rotary phone where you shared the lines coming into the neighborhood with your neighbors? Still don't know what it is? Well, no matter, because the point is this, we didn't have access to cell phones, game boys, Xbox, PS what the hell ever they are! We had a T.V, that you had to get up to change the channel on, a phone that you had to be in the house to use, and only with the parent's permission, and those were a PRIVILEGE! We EARNED THEM!

How did we earn them you ask? chores... CHORES! Yea, and we did the chores and did not threaten calling child protective services because one of us had a HARDER chore than the other, or it WASN'T fair! Good lord, the kids these days have it EASY, and they think we are virtually killing them! OH, and food? We ate what was put on our plates. Period. Why? Because, that's what mom and dad could afford, and if we weren't at the dinner table when mom put it on, then we were sh*t out of luck. We also said prayer's before each and every meal. Thanking god for what we have, not asking for what we DIDN'T have.

Let me say this. My kids are good kids. They have been through the wringer on some things, but they are basically good kids. BUT, they expect to much for to little. Sorry, is that selfish of me to say? Pfffttt.... too bad! This is their home. They have a roof over their head and food in their belly. Much more than a lot of people have in this day and age.

Last night when the kids got home from their weekend with dad, I sat them down and had a talk. No more electronics in this house, they will earn the right to use them, and that will be limited use, based on attitude and performance. I want my family back. I want peace and harmony in this house, and I can't get it with the constant bickering over game time, cell phone texting, calls, T V, ect.... so I am done. I'm taking them back to the dark ages as my kids say, but if that's what it takes to make these kids responsible productive adults, then that is what is going to happen.

As for what happens elsewhere in their life, that is up to the adults in the other households they are in. Would it be nice if all concerned were in agreement? You bet, but that is not the case, so I focus on what I can do in my home. Period. I don't have time or energy to worry about what goes on outside of here.

My status today is this:
A little girl wanted to know what the United States looked like. Her dad tore a map of the USA from a magazine and then cut it in into small pieces. He told her to go to her room and see if she can put it together. After some minutes she returned and handed the map correctly fitted and taped together. The dad was surprised and asked how she had finished so quickly. She said on the other side was a picture of Jesus and when I put him back then our country just came together.
This is how my home is going to be from now on. God's here, and he stays. My kids need the simple things in life, and so do I. They need to be kids. Buying them everything under the sun does not make them kids. Teaching them responsibility and accountability is what will give them peace and allow them to be unfettered and free to be kids.

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