Sunday, July 8, 2012

Primal Heat

A connection, so base, with another person; unbridled lust. Hot sizzeling passion, the sheer lunacy of a moment in time when you feel wild, unthreatened in your sexuality. Complete confidence in satisfaction.

Hot summers night, a look, crazed with need. Clothing being torn, shed, thrown, a need so deep to feel skin to skin. Animal, screams in your mind for touch; fast, slick, hot.

His sculputred body, dripping, wet. Movement, in slow motion, he's holding her curved back to him, his muscled  tattoed arm across her breast, a moment of protection for her, power for him. Yet, the only emotion, the only need is to be complete. Satiated, slack with having the fire fed.

His member, sliding into her, thick and hard, filling her; her hair, dripping, thrown over his shoulder, his breath on her neck. Both on thier knees, his back to the wall. A gripping need for fullfillment. Muscles, tortured, streched for release.  Feeling it, seeing it in her mind. Feeling it in the deepest part of her.  Living and breathing every inch of his perfection. Re-living it.

The hottness, comes in waves then,  spiraling,  flooding her mind, her soul. Shaking her to her core. Knowing every inch of him, tracing him in her minds eye, shattering her senses.  Breaking her composure, reducing her to nothing and everything; the universe. Exploding, expanding, being washed away. Cleansed.  Just a moment in time. Primal.
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