Friday, July 18, 2014

6 weeks

I just spent the last 6 weeks with a man that I have known since 2011. I met him on the music scene. In fact I met him through the person I was dating at the time. 

I look at my life, and wonder at times what god really has in store for me. All the people, all my friends, even family, that all mix in, in this circle I have been in since I turned 14. 

The people he knows, the people I know, where he lives now,  where I am now. Irony. Life's Irony. My granddaughter Taytem, has grandparents on Mercer Island. Funny, Bobby, knows them, has known them for years. 

He lives in Lake Stevens, where I grew up. My stomping frounds, my daughter's old stomping grounds, her dads, my son's now, and now Bobby's. 

I browsed through our messages, clear back to 2011, and it's funny, I think he was always in my mind. He was respecful, sweet, kind and funny, and I think that there was an underlying attraction I was unwilling to admit due to circumstances. He was the one I would reach out too, when things were going sideways, and looking at his responses to me, I was the one he was reaching out to also. 

We had hung out on the music scene at different shows, when we were out together, me, him, other people. But When I would walk into a venue, I always seemed to gravitate to him. A quick hug, and hello, a picture, small talk. 

About 10 weeks ago, He messaged me, asked what I was up to, and did I want to go hang out. I was working, and getting sicker, so turned him down for that evening, but  said I would love to anytime I was not working. I tried really hard to keep him in the "Friend Zone" , but it didn't last long... 2 weeks tops, and everyhing went from there. 

We have been inseperable since 6 weeks ago. Tonight is the 1st time I have not been with him since we got together, and it's more than sexual attraction, although that is a plus. :) He makes me smile, and laugh, he's kind and caring and a good man. I have not had that for a long time. He makes me feel valued, he makes me feel loved, in away I have not been loved before. 

I don't know where this is going, but I know what I want. I think he does too. To be happy, and loved and have a companion that will be beside you no matter what. I think we got this.

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