Wednesday, December 23, 2009 a nutshell

This is going to be a short post..... I think.

WOW, it's been a whole year in e-commerce, and an exciting one. So, a list of peeps I have gotten to know and love. (my influences.. I stalk them)
First though, I have to say, I have learned a lot about internet marketing, social marketing and met amazing people who have helped me along the way, but, I have not learned nearly enough. I am looking forward to the new year, and attending some up-coming events, that will help me with networking and business. Main one will be the ECMCA/PESA conference in Vegas. That is the goal of 2010

My other goal, is re-vamping my business, and hopefully getting my .com off the ground, but that will be another blog post.

Roy Baker >> a wonderful blogger, and you can also find him at

John Lawson (The King) found here>> and at and his latest accomplishment, found here >> Posted this, so he does not feel left out. :P

Alex Mohamed, who has been on my facebook page for sometime, and I am just now getting to know him, and graciously offered help with my .com, I have to mention. A great guy, and funny as all get out, but serious in business. He can be found here>> a guy to keep your eye on. He is going places.

Quick edit and apology to Marsha, I had her and Marlene's, (Gavins) links mixed up.... so sorry, fixed now.

Marsha Collier, another amazing lady that I have done some networking with, and I am now getting to know more and more. Truly a beautiful person, smart, intelligent, and gives with all her heart. The author of Ebay for dummies, she can be found here>>

Phaedra Stockstill of attheboutique
Susan Leak of renagadesrelics
Rodger Hujlstrom of Booksbelow
David White from ebayandbeyond
Walt Kolenda aka auctionwally
and the list goes on.. so many that I have and have not mentioned, that have touched me in ways that make me strive to be a better business person and to be successful.

So many old and new people popping up on my radar, and all have made my 1st year in on-line sales just wonderful!

Merry Christmas to everyone!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Charity Auction for the Susan G Komen Foundation

Starting September 27th 2009, we are auctioning off a bra a day for this cause. 100% proceeds will go to the Susan G Komen Foundation.

The charity auction will be held here~

One of my passions is supporting breast cancer research. The most important people in my life have been my mother and father. 4o years ago, my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. At the time, we saw a general practitioner who was our family doctor. He had a degree in "everything" basically. He also made house calls.

My mother was 40 at the time of this diagnoses, and I remember it well. The fear, and anger of wondering why this beautiful woman, this loving, giving woman would be told she had something so horrible.

Our Doctor had her admitted immediately. They did a radical mastectomy. My father brought us to the hospital to see mom, and all I remember was the whiteness of everything. She was able to come home after a week..maybe a little longer, but I also remember her pain and her moods, and the things she had to do to get her strength back in her arms. She remembers little of the ordeal, only waking up to the nurses, still in white then, and thinking she had died.

This is all so long ago now, but what stands out is she is 84, and on October 10th she will celebrate her 55th wedding anniversary to my father.

It is time for a cure. It is time for all of us to have what I had, a mother to grow up with, a sister, a daughter, a friend, a wife. Please take a moment to consider what you would do if you were faced with this. There are millions of women daily that are diagnosed with breast cancer, and they should not have to live in fear of what may happen to them or their loved ones.

The pictures above, are 2 of the bra's being auctioned, and you can also donate with taking part in the actual auctioning. The 3rd picture is of my mother when she was young.. a bit younger than 40, and not knowing what she would face. I thank god everyday that I grew up with her. She was one of the lucky ones who made it. She's a survivor. We need more of them.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Internet Power Houses and The Belluvue Bonanzleup

So we came together for a meeting of the minds starting on Friday May 15th.
Downtown Belluvue Washington, at the West Coast Hotel, I finally got to meet Phaedra Stockstill of, and her husband Jeremy. I selfishly hogged her to my self for the day to garner information to benefit my business, and quickly learned that not only is she an amazing woman, she has the backing of an amazing man behind her.
I not only got to know this lady and her man, I have come to fully understand the mind behind the success. What drives her, and her business forward is staying in the "know" and being in the forefront of a progressive business. She unfailingly, and unselfishly adds intelligence and value to everything she does, and to who she surrounds herself with. Being constantly on the move, and constantly striving to better her business, and the business of others.

On Saturday May 16th We started our day getting ready for the meeting at the Belluvue Towers. Heading over about 10:45 am, to meet and greet. Arriving at the Towers, I finally got to meet a few others that I was interested in meeting, and one is Alan Seaton of A wonderful gentleman that I look forward to meeting and spending some time with again in the future.

The other lady I looked forward to meeting, and was glad I did get to spend some time with her networking, is Cindy Shebly, of Cindy is a wonderful down to earth woman, who has been around, and someone to pay attention to. She wrote the ebay bible, and is now running her own site, and teaching and consulting people on how to make their business successful. In this picture with Cindy, is myself, Phaedra, and our new member, Joe Campbell.

Upstairs in the 5th floor meeting room, a beautiful relaxing atmosphere for a casual introduction and a Q & A session for the reason for the meeting. We meet, Bill Harding, Founder of Bonanzle, and Mark Dorsey, our chief raconteur. I have to say, that the dynamics of these to men are perfect for the vision and goals of the site that they have spent the last year building. In a world where nothing is really very simple, these two have built a site that thrives on simplicity and individuality. Catering to the small seller, the real people, who build our economy, they have provided an innovative service to those of us who are building our own businesses in a time when we need it most. The only thing I can add to this is "Brilliant" and stay tuned to for the best place to sell on the internet.

Now in ending here, I wanted to turn our focus to the men in our lives. The ones who make it possible to do what we do. This is cheers, at least from me, to my husband Paul Barton, and to Phaedra's Husband, Jeremy, for with out them, we would not have been at this meeting of the minds, nor quite possibly where we are at today. So thank you to two wonderful men who give never ending support to two very appreciative women.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Taking the plunge

Well hello!

I have taken the plunge. This is scary business. I have had my own website now for almost a year, and never really went anywhere with it. I spent the 1st month building it, and then had some other things that needed attending, so put aside.
In November of 2008, I found bonanzle. and planted myself there. Now, The people who have come to know me, KNOW that I am not tech savvy. Ask anyone,, Susan Leak is one of the greatest people I know on bonanzle, and just a bevy of information for running your business and being successful at it. (waiting for her call now! :) ), Note, jamiro, did the lovely banner in my booth, which will now have to get modified! Help Jamiro! I just love this lady! nuff said!, Now, Wally, he is an auctioneer, and the best in my eyes, but also does consulting and appraisels and offers a host of other on-line services, including but not limited to live auctions!, Phaedra, one of my favorites that I have met since being on-line, is Wallys co-host during his talkshoe programs, and makes wonderful lotions and skin care products. (still waiting for my gallon jug too, and you can label with black permant marker! lol...I'll take it.), Sonja, another favorite of mine offers a wonderful variety of healthcare products, and helps whenever she can, and several others including
I rerally cannot name everyone that has given me help along the way, and do not have all the words for my appreciation of them.

Since following the progression of on-line business, a whole new concept to me, I have learned terms like optimize, brand, transparency, and a host of other things, but not tech stuff. One of the things I was given advice about was the .com business. In order to get high search engine results, (I didn't know what that was either) I needed to go with a .com. Thanks Wally. :) So, here I am, the proud owner of, and at a complete standstill! Arrgghhh...this is scary! I have to change everything. My user names will stay the same in most cases to keep my branding in place. My avatar will also stay the same. It is all the places I am listed at that I now have to go in and change. Bonanle, (which means changing my lovely banner that Jamiro made for me, and, and everyplaceIsell, and, and ......the list is a mile long.

This is a daunting task, but I have made one goal a day towards getting this completed, and incorporating it into bonanzle. Todays Goal, is getting Ms. Susan Leak on the horn to settle me down!
She has a godaddy site, and so I am really looking forward to talking with her about the ins and outs of this!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A treasure found in family history

Boutwell Family History
Edna Boutwell
My great Aunt

My grandfather at one time owned a great deal of land in Woburn Massachusetts (The blueprints are now with an uncle.

My grandfather, Edward Boutwell, died of a broken jaw (done by the dentist giving him lock jaw) He was 23 years old. He had two boys-my father, Herbert, and George. The mother wished to marry again, her husband, now Garfield, did not want the two boys. When she appealed to their grandfather, Charles Boutwell, He was angry. He said if she tried to take the boys, she would not see them again. They both grew up believing their mother cared nothing for them.

Charles Boutwell was a hard man but a brilliant man. mathematics was his forte' For example, he would offer a 100.00 to anyone who could give him a problem he couldn't solve. When his 1st wife died, he married Olive Larrabe of Peabody. He "bound" his two grandsons to him until they were 21, and then they were given what was called their "freedom papers".
My father loved all children very much and was always wonderful to all of us, maybe because he and George had so little happiness. He and my mother always had surprises for us even though they had very little money. One Christmas when we were small, my parents told us that Santa had forgotten to stop at our home. They said if we dressed and had breakfast we would go in search of him. In those days we lived in Winn Park, we had no furnace, so it was very cold. My father produced a key to one of the rooms that we always kept the door closed to, to save on heat. When he opened the door, there was a lovely Christmas tree, and presents for all.

I loved my fathers brother, my Uncle George, very much. He was an engineer on the Boston & Maine railroad. He was married to Annie Ross of Nova Scotia, and they had two sons. They lived in Greenfield, Mass. Uncle George died when he stepped off a train, and lost both of his legs. Aunt Annie died, and later her to sons, Ross, and his wife, and Harold Boutwell.

My father, Herbert Boutwell, had three half sisters, in the Garfield Family. One of them Velma,
married one of the Dennison's of the Dennison Manufacturing Company.
We were also related by marriage to President Garfield.

My father always regaled us with stories that happened to the Larrabee's One was in the civil war, and became crazed with fever, and deserted his post. He made his way home to Peabody, Mass. His mother knew the soldiers would come for him, so she put him in her big bed, and covered himwith a mattress. The soldiers did eventually come. In those days 12 soldiers would come for the deserter, with orders to shoot. All but one rifle would have be loaded, so as not to know which bullet killed. As they were about to fire, a rider rode up at full speed with a pardon from President Garfield. The poor man only lived to more months, but did not have a record as a deserter.

We lived in Melrose when I first attended school. My grandmother, Sarah Amanda Amelia Chapman Boutwell Garfield, lived there. She had a beautiful home, and were always nice to me.

My father became a solder, in the Spanish-American war of 1898. He was a great cook in the Army. He recieved a pension from the military, and many years later was buried in the soldiers lot in Woodbrook cemetry, with full mititary honors.
Woburn, Massachusettes.

The Boutwells originally came from France. They were French hugenots and during the war between the protestants and the catholics, the Boutwells, (protestant's) fled for their lives to England. In 1642, two brothers left England, and came to Lynn, Massachusettes. They had money, and were given a title of freemen, along with 100 acres of land. Some years later one decendant came to Reading Mass, and then to Wilminton. (see pictures of Boutwell home built during the 1700s by Mr. Witcher of Woburn). In Wilmington today there is a Boutwell School house, and a Boutwell road. Govenor Boutwell was a member of the Boutwell family in Wilmington. His mansion at Groton Mass, is open to the public, and a portrait of Gov. Boutwell hangs in the library there. There is a large bust of the Govenor in the State house in Boston Mass, and there is also a portrait of the Sherriff Boutwell in the Logan Airport.

Govenor Boutwells daughter, Miss Georgianna Boutwell, that as a child she was often held on Abraham Lincoln's knee. Govenor Boutwell was a school teacher before he became govenor, and he also wrote two books. In the library of the town of lyme, New Hampshire, they have a great deal of history on the Boutwell's.

The Boutwell home is in Reading Mass, andis where my Aunt, Parthina, lived. She married a Smith, and became the mother of Burton Boutwell SSmith, Minister of the large Hope Congregational Church, in Springfield Mass. Their decendants still live there.

There is also a coast gaurd cutter named "The Boutwell"
Boutwells also married into the well known and wealthy Hood family, who own the Hood dairy company.
We are also related to the Manning's, of Billerica. They owned the Famous old house and eating establishment.

My Grandmother Sarah, is buried in the sleepy hollow cemetry, at Concord Mass, and she was Herbert Josiah Boutwells mother. (my father).

There is also a history of the Boutwells in the Lynn Massachusettes public library.
I became a historian.
My father married Margaret Etta McCallister, and they had five children.

My mother, Marjorie Frances Quimby, is George Boutwell's grandaughter.
She married my father 55 years ago, and resides now in Kirkland Washington.

The Quimby, Boutwell inheritance was fought and lost by my mother. George Boutwell had left all he owned to her, and she was an only child. Her father Nelson Lord Quimby, left her at the age of 5, and went to New York City. George and Edna, and other Aunts, raised my mother, after her mother died from walking pnuemona when she was 10.

Katrina Surdyk Barton

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Romantic nod to the past

With a look back at the past in yesterdays auction at the auctionwally booth on bonanzle, I found a bit of history that has not been in my collections.
I have always been attracted to photos from the past, and the people who are in them. I find that having a variety in my business, has helped tremendously with the clientele I attract, and also with my own knowledge of whats what.
I am adding a new section to Gypsy Trading Company, and I will keep you informed on detail, and content.
I want to say, the format that I experienced yesterday, could not be repeated elsewhere, and I commend the brains behind the idea! It was a blast, and look forward to the next round!
Thank you to Walt Kolenda for making the experience wonderful, and my first with a top auctioneer!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Antiques and Collectibles

Clio the 'glorious one' muse of history
The Definition of my muse is part of history. Antiques, and that is why I am where I am.
I bring to you the beauty and richness of the past.

Antiques sustain us, and will always be in our lives. They are the embodiment of the worlds history. Recording a past that keeps us rooted to who we are, and preserving a future to those who come after us. Whimsical and romantic, we see in them where they came from, who held them and loved them, the tragedy of why they are here, and the owners are no longer.

Each day of our journey through life, we come in contact with something that impacts our lives in many different ways. These things can be small or large. The changes we choose to make determine the imprint of our life on someone else.

My collections, public and private, have shaped who I am. It is helping me to shape my children and grandchildren.

Bringing my public collections to you, gives me great pleasure. Gypsy Trading Company offers a variety of Antiques and collectibles. I carry china, and bisque, linens, and leather. Hand tooled items, and hand crafts. I have vintage clothing, and random vintage items. Costume jewelry and real jewelry. Most of my collections come from estate sales, and some family. I have rare music, and beautiful buttons! Silver and more.....Stay tuned for updates. I will be adding weekly and cannot wait to see what interests I share with others.