Wednesday, September 22, 2010

BONANZA! ......... Odd man out.

Since the announcement yesterday on Renagades bolg, and on Ina Steiner's blog, and a million other posts, forums, facebook threads, the internet e-commerce people have been a buzz with opinions, speculation, angst, and down right upset over a venue that was promoted for two years under the bonanzle name.

*sigh*..... well, I guess I am odd man out on this one. I sat back and watched the commenting the meltdowns the thunder and lightning, like a train going to crash and this, the over all reaction to a community that most have either loved or hated. Loved because it gave them a new venue, low fee's nice people, and communications with the owners. Loved because a precedent was set and an expectation that communication and ideas would be shared within the community to further the development of the site. Hated, because not everyone can be made happy.

That is the clincher. We are back to people being un-happy, and why? Because they were not informed of the name change, or the new market that was acquired. Well here is where my opinion differ's and is probably going to upset a lot of people. Bonanzle was the only site that I have sold on, up until about a year ago. I tried Ebay and a few others, but could not afford it, and stuck with my bonanzle booth. I was never a rah rah cheerleader for the site, but I never was against it either. This is where people really need to look at the bigger picture. I am hearing how the sellers should have been informed, how some had put money into advertising, how some have just bought business cards, and NOW, all this was for naught. I have to say wrong. I know it is inconvenient, but the URL will be re-directed. The business cards are still useful, and people will still shop at the site. WHY? Because they will.

I promote me. My booth, my antiques, my store, on-line and locally. I do not confer with Bill and Mark when I need to up-grade my sign, or change business cards, or for that matter, when I made a name change about a year ago. I went from GypsyTrading, to GypsyByways. Did I tell them? Did I see blog post's all over the internet hollering at me that I "owed" it to them to tell them of my intentions? No, and you know why? It is MY business, and they know that. Bonanzle is their business, and I know THAT!

Should there have been a courtesy? Maybe, possibly, probably, if we go by the precedent that was set, but there wasn't so guess what folks? Deal with it. They do not have to inform us, consult with us, or anything else with us. This is their business. As business people you people should KNOW that. Time to move on. Think about it. You are in business for you. If you don't like the site changes, then go to another site. Simple. Sorry, that is business.

My 2 cents... like it or lump it as my dad used to say. (Still does for that matter)

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Bring a 1st aid kit............. for crying out loud!

So, we have not camped since my 15 year old son was about 4. Every year since then we have gone to North Dakota to see family. This year, we decided to take a camp trip with the kids here in our own state.

We headed up highway 20, one of our favorite drives, on the bike, or in the car. This is a gorgeous area, and is packed with history. Newhalem, one of my favorite little towns, has a history going back to the early 20's and is run by Seattle city light. This is where Employees live and work on Ross Dam, and Diablo Dam. (Diablo is my absolute favorite place. The water there is as green and brilliant as an emerald.

On the website for the campground we choose, it said not to bring your own wood. So we didn't. We Stayed at Colonial creek campground, and all the wood, ice and amenities should have been there but were not.

We left Antony in the campsite as we registered. Paul had given the boys knives for whittling, and Antony had already broken the tip on his knife. We showed him how to make it dull on the rocks so he would not cut himself with the broken edges. While we were down registering, Antony took Jake's knife and was throwing it at the tree. Well apparently, for some reason he kept his hand on it, and the blade collapsed.......... on his KNUCKLE! (A real nice slice that should have had a couple of butterfly stitches.) We had to head back down the mountain to Newhalem anyway for wood and ice, so since we had FORGOTEN a 1st aid kit, we decided to grab one of those also. I did however have packing tape and feminine napkins in the Jeep, but the boy freaked out! "NO WAY" he says!

The rest of the day was spent driving back down the mountain to Newhalem, and then to Marblemount, because Newhalem was out of wood. (WHY? they are in the middle of a forest! How could they possibly be out of wood?) Oh, and NOBODY carry's a 1st aid kit in the area. Apparently the broken down fire truck we passed on the way to Marblemount is the ONLY emergency services around there. (we did pick up pack of band aids)

After getting back to the campsite, and oh, picking up band aids for the boy, we settled in for the evening. Paul had a beer, and I had a cooler, and my son say's, Hey mom, I am only funny with alcohol! Ha ha... good one, but NO. The site had a cool granite rock in it, and the littler kids played on that while we sat up the tents and made a fire and dinner. It did rain the 1st night up, but was not a lot, and we were pretty well covered.

The second day out, we actually switched campsites to one by the tributary that feeds from Ross Dam into Diablo Dam. A gorgeous site, and we were the only ones in that area of the campground. The wood we picked up, for 5.00 a bundle, (we ARE bringing our own the next time) (I think they don't want foreign wood. Well tough, mine does not have french bugs, OK? Anyway, the wood was green. PFFFFFFTTTTTT!! GREEN! Who does this? Do they not know how to season the wood? Sheesh.. so it was hard to cut, and also smoked a whole lot. A LOT! Speaking of cutting, back to injury #2. Paul was making kindling.... or trying to, and the hatchet was dull, and he got a bit miffed at the piece of wood he was hacking on, so he took a good whack at it, and the axe bounced and slammed back into his knee. GOOD ONE! Again, no 1st aid kit, but the cut was not as bad as Antony's which was still open and bleeding periodically, the hatchet was dull. THANK GOD!

That evening a ranger dropped down to our camp to let us know there was a slide show in the amphitheater. After he left, my funny boy says, hey mom, "I was going to yell", "hide the weed!" OMG.. thank god he refrained from that little joke. I don't think the guy would have been amused.

The trip over all was awesome, and the scenery was beautiful. They did a few slide shows in the amphitheater, and the kids enjoyed that. The weather was great, and there was some wildlife. Mostly birds that annoyed us at the butt-crack of dawn, but hey, that's camping.

We did take a few hikes, thunderhead trail and the gorge trail. There are pictures on my facebook page, and if you ever make it to Washington, this area is a must see.

So for all you peeps out there who have camped, or are intending to camp. Please bring a 1st aid kit. I have never done a list, and have always forgotten at least one thing that should have made it with us, but never have I forgotten a 1st aid kit.

An aside to my good friend Brenda Ford, We had taken the kids to get their Junior ranger badges, and I was chatting with Ranger Katie. I brought up wolves, and apparently we do have a pack in this particular part of the forest that meandered down here from Canada. It would have been awesome to see them, but we did not get to. Only chipmunks.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Ending a friendship

Knowing when to end a friendship can be difficult, especially if the one you had was a strong one.

There are lot's of different types of friendships out there. Close friends, acquaintances that become friends, and friends that are like family. It all depends on how they fit into your life and the value you provide each other.

I have done this twice in my life. The 1st time it broke my heart. This time, I am just stunned that the whole premise of the friendship was not based on what I thought it was based on.

10 years ago, I told my girlfriend that I could no longer be friends with her and it hurt me terribly. I needed her in my life. She was as close as a beloved sister. At the time, there was an event that changed things for the both of us, and I could no longer in good conscience keep the friendship. About 4 years after ending it, a close friend of ours passed away, and I called her. It happened to be on her birthday and although it was a difficult call, we ended up reconnecting. She is still in my life, and we are still very close.

The friendship I ended yesterday, came down to pretty much the same thing. An event took place, and I had to decide which was more important. What was taking place in my life, or the friendship. My personal life is the priority here.

Instead of just cutting off the friendship abruptly, I decided to give this friend the benefit of the doubt, and let her know why I was ending it, secretly hoping that we would not have to. This actually goes back to September of last year, but to bring you up to speed, I only just found about about this in April of this year. So I emailed her in April, and never received a response. I emailed her last week, after she had contact with one of my family members, but not with me. (I was still trying to work this out) She did email me back this time, although the email, was twisted and full of anger and accusations, that justified to her, actions that took place in September of last year.

Whoa... so reading this, I thought, wow, why would you turn this around. What is the motivation? So without going into all the personal details, I quickly wrote back, that I needed the contact to stop and would she also please remove the family member from her contact list also. I received 2 more angry and nasty notes, saying she would not Jump to my requests, and that she would do it when she got around to it.

To make a long story short here, I see that she has lied to me, and so I wonder about the motivation again. I not written back to her, and have removed all contacts for her. I have also had my family do the same.

The bottom line is this. I am still friends with the woman that I stopped being friends with 10 years ago, because we were both mature enough to know that things at the time had to be the way they were, and we accepted it. There was no accusations, or angry letters, calls, ect, and no contact until our mutual friend passed away. This is the type of friendship that goes long and deep. The ones that can handle that you need to make personal decisions based on your life at the time, usually will stick around threw thick and thin. The ones who can't don't and are not worth the effort. Sad but true. This second friendship will not be one that I pick back up in the future. It is time to move on.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Christmas in July

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Thursday, June 24, 2010

What a week..........

WOW... So this sorta starts off with my sons birthday party on Saturday. We rented a table at the Skate Inn here in town and he had invited 3 friends, plus our own. This is a costly venture and if anyone does do this, look into how many of the children coming actually skate. The party was 4 hours long and mind boggling. One of the little boys mothers asked if we could keep him over night. She kinda put me on the spot, but since we did not have Father's day plans, and my son was going to her son's birthday party on Sunday, we said yes. (MISTAKE) This woman is a friend of the "other" woman I discussed on my meltdown blog post. I should have known.

So, OK, the boys stayed up late as boys do, and were up early. 530am. UGH. This is fathers day. Well by 730am, child that stayed with us, wanted to go home. He was bored. 730am here people. Sigh.. so we call his mom, and I left her a message saying I understand it was early but he was practically in tears and missed her and could she give me a call when she gets up. I left a message on her cell. About 930am I left a message on her home phone. Her son in the meantime, has been calling her from his cell. She never did call back, and Paul took the kids at 2pm for this boys birthday party. She was there but leaving and did not say a word to Paul. GRRRR

Monday rolls around, and another of the children that had been to the party on Saturday, his mother calls, and wants to get the boys together at her place. I am all up for that. She will pick them up at 2pm. All good. So a third boy from the party also wandered over to our place, so I let the boys walk down to the grade school they attend.

The day went fairly well up till about 7pm. My older son, took his bike and went up to the little store. He comes back, grabs an ice pack, and an Ibuprofen and heads to bed. (unbeknown-st to me, he had a conversation with my husband, and so my husband knew something I did not know until Tuesday morning)

So, Tuesday morning arrives. MY oldest boy has a black eye?? What?? Where did this come from. Oh mom he says, some punk at the store walked up to him and out of the blue, cold cocked him and ran off. Hmmm... I am thinking there is more to this story. Tuesday passes in much the same manner as Monday. Kids head up to the school, they went swimming at neighbors. Oh, but one thing, the third child from the bday party that had wandered over did so again. Well then he left. Later his baby sitter called looking for him, and I had no clue where he was. He periodically wanders off like this. Later found at neighbors with the pool which is how my kids got to go swimming also.

So yesterday, same routine pretty much, but oh, both cars have broke down, Saturn needs a starter and the jeep needs who knows what. I am pretty much home bound. The kids once again go up to pinewood. Well an hour later, they are back and saying that a teenager had threatened them with a gun. WHAT??

OK, now we get to the whole story. I sit Sam down, the one who had the airsoft gun on Monday, who's dad told him not to tell anyone about it. Well he apparently snuck Sneaked? snuck? grammer... hmm whatever, he took it up to the school with my boys and the teenager had stolen it from him. This I had not heard about. SO I have the boys describe this teen. My older son, with the black eye comes down and says mom, mom, I know who he is. He is the one who cold cocked me on Monday night. This teen did an awful lot on Monday. Assault, theft, and threats with a weapon, on school property. OK, long story shorter here. I Googled the kids name, he goes to the alternative school, and has quite the little "attitude" so wondering how he knew my oldest son. (another story) and he did not just coldcock him, he asked to pop a wheelie on his bike and when My son said sure, he grabbed the bike, dropped it, then punched him. Nice shiner by he way.

Anyway, back to yesterday. I ground all my kids to the yard. They are no-longer allowed over to the school. I call Sam's mother, (got dad in trouble) ha ha.. idiot. Then called the police. I filed a report and so far have not heard back. Now interesting. The officer did know who this boy was, and the boys brother, and his parents. He asked if my kids hung out with him. I of course said no way in hell. Ever and ever. BUT, wondering here, why this teen is still out on the streets.

I can't WAIT till the weekend!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Round Four.......... your kidding right?

Well here we go again. So I log into my bonanzle account this morning, and low and behold, my Louis Vuitton Vintage watch is gone. "poof" AGAIN!

So, In the last several months, I had been watching the Purse forum through my Google Alert's, and also a new forum by the name of Not sure where the tagging and bombing came from, and it does not really matter. What matter's is these "self-proclaimed experts", are deliberately going after my business and now are making this very very personal.

Just a re-cap, for those of you who do not know the story behind this watch. It was originally listed in September of 2009. In November, it was tagged, and removed. I chatted with the site, ( and the owners, and the watch was immediately re-listed. Everyone who has heard this story cringes. My feelings on this is if there was some sort of proof of a claim that the watch was indeed "fake" then the person needs to provide that, and we can all move on. At this point in time, "proof" has still not been provided. There has never been any contact between myself as a seller and the person who has decided this watch is a fake.

So, here we are in June of 2010, and once again, I am being signaled out by these people, and again with no proof to back up the claim. It was suggested at one point for me to join this forum, The purse forum and address the issue. HA HA HA. I think not. I did a bit of research on the original poster that decided he did not like my watch. Maybe competition for him? Who knows, but the point is, why would anyone of a business mind, want to join a forum where a 18 year old is making a claim against someone he know's nothing about, and insists that he is right. Oh, and let me clarify, he will be 19 in September. Lives in Hawaii, and probably thinks he knows it all, as teenagers do. (Yes, I do know who you are, and have the decency not to list your posting ID.) That would be called "being professional". SO Not on your life will I ever join this place. I have watched the forum and my views on this watch for months now. Let me tell you, the people who are going here to "authenticate" the items they are interested in buying are getting nothing but opinions, and that is all they are, from kids. Plain and simple. Kids who have nothing better to do than to make false claims they cannot back up with real proof. One of the alerts that came up, was a young lady who was 17 and asking for advice about her boyfriend on facebook, who may or may not be cheating on her with an on-line friend. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? This is the "reputable forum that thousands of people go to for advice on the money they are going to spend?

This question is for the buyer's. WHY would any of you in your right mind, not research an item, in a reputable manner? Your looking to spend thousands of dollars on a purse or a scarf, or trinket with a brand name, and yet you go to a forum on the internet? Oh yeah, they are so good at spotting the fake's. These people are kids. Put it in your Google alert's. Watch how professional they are when it comes to ripping people down and putting people out of business. Ruthless, and they are kids!

So take some advice people. Do it the right way. Go to the actual dealer. If you do not know the product you are going to buy, then research it, but do NOT use a forum on the internet that allows kids to make decisions about your money and other peoples business.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

TEENAGER'S ............................ARGGHHHHHH

I took this from a newspaper clipping that I had sitting around for many years. I have revised and added some of my own experience. I thought it appropriate to do this today since my teenager is home "sick" and there are chores to be done, but he is "sick".

I do not know the Author, but he hit's it spot on.

My kids think I am boring.

I know the following won't be read by my teen, or my children for that matter, nor probably anyone Else's teen, but I thought that parents would enjoy it.

Short lesson: This is why your parents are "boring."

You may have noticed their absence from the home during the day on weekdays, and sometimes on a weekend. Monday through Friday, they do something called work, for reasons MOSTLY to do with you, however, there are taxes, current trends in prices, ect can expect them to be doing this for years to come.

Work is how they pay for the house you live in, the car you drive, the food you eat, the clothes you wear, and the tickets you need to see whatever concert it is that you "have to see" this weekend. I won't mention the overages on your cell phone plan and the late fee on movie rentals. (100.00 last month! I could have bought them)

Work is usually from 8am until 5pm, however, in this day and age some parents work from home, and so these work hours vary greatly. BUT, Monday through Friday, because of traffic, add an hour each way for the commute. This means they get up at say OH 5am, and don't return home until say OH 6pm or later. If everything goes well, which is not always the case, as happens several times a week, you can expect them to roll in about 8pm. Once in awhile they get something that requires the label of "important project" and they end up working on a Saturday. NO, they do not get to skip it, or call in SICK.

They work for someone known as the "boss". By the way, you think your teachers are tough? Do they make you do things that seem pointless? Do you think they do not understand how TIRED you are, or that your having a rough day because Tiffany broke up with Chad, and you're stressed about what Chad might do? Wait a few years.... then you get to meet the "boss" commonly know as Attila the Hun, OR you get a "boss" who is worse than Attila the Hun, and will make Attila curl up in the fetal position and cry, then fire him for wasting company time crying.

So after work, your parents get home. Unless they enjoy, endless tuna sand-whiches, and cardboard pizza, they get to make dinner. As they start to cook, they wonder " are those the same dishes that were in the sink last night?" "Didn't we ask someone to put them in the dishwasher and by the use of incalculable reserves of energy and unimaginable physical dexterity, push the ON button?"

Time for the "dish fairy" to put in an appearance, sweep the house for glasses and plates, and do them. That way everyone has something to eat on, besides the kitchen table.

They serve dinner.

"This again?" You know I don't like casserole, (meatloaf, stew, soup, chops. ribs, goulash, fish, rice, beans, carrots, peas, potatoes, salad,ect) "WHY do we always have this?" Can't you guys ever make anything else?

They finish dinner and clear the table. They put the dishes in the sink. With a sense of futility, they ask, "would someone do the dishes while we are at work tomorrow?"

As they finally settle into the living room, they hear a voice saying, "I don't have any clothes for school tomorrow". They respond: "Why don't you pull some from that humongous pile in your room and put them in the washer?" When they are done, transfer them to the dryer, dry them, then take them out and fold them and put them away.

They hear the sound of slamming doors.

They go to bed in order to rest up for another day. Then the weekend comes.

That's when they wash the car, buy groceries, clean house, fix the leaky gutter, cut grass, return movies, go to church and occasionally buy the 1st new shirt or skirt they have had in a year.

On Sunday night, they drift into sleep knowing tomorrow is Monday and the cycle starts all over again. It may seem boring to you, but it sure looks more like busy to them.

They can't dodge any of it, and the good ones don't even try. The funny thing is, that most of them love doing it, (won't admit it) but will actually look back on it fondly.

That is if they're not arrested for boiling you in oil 1st.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Meltdown,............. and manner's

I don't know, It could be the stress I have been under lately, It could be the planet alignment or it could be that some people were just not raised with social skills or manners and doing what's right. (I think the latter is more apropos to what took place.)

It does not excuse my behavior, but I will say this. I am human, and it was definitely the last straw in a very long day.

A little back ground. I have a 10 year old son, who always, always, goes for the underdog. (takes after me) So last school year he made friends with a boy, (we'll call him J) and I knew the boy from school. I help in the mornings at the kid's school, and I also work with the counselor there. So the counselor and I had discussed my sons relationship with this boy, and I had decided to keep an eye on things. They were only friends at school at this point. There is a 3rd child involved here, but I have been OK with him.

So one day after school these 2 boys drop by. Now I was raised, and raise my children the same, no kids over unless I know the parent. Period. So.. I sent the boys home. This little scenario continued for about a month. We'll finally I met "J's" mother. Seems nice, sat and visited for a few, and I gave her my business card and home #. My schedule was also duly noted. No kids after school, I work from home, and plz call a day in advance for weekend activities. (I have 4 kids here) ALSO, I DON'T BABYSIT.

So all seems well.. right? Good boundaries, rules in place, mother met. NOPE! Now that mother has my phone# I am called constantly, and never is my son invited to her home, always it is "can my son come to your place". WHAT?? One, we have 4 kids, different directions and I WORK from home!!! HELLO.. well at this point, I am not arranging to many activities, but I have let her boy come over a couple of times. Then it becomes where she is just rude when I say no, I am busy. Comments like, oh, I thought so, and so on.

SO the 1st day of summer rolls around, and she shows up with out calling. Summer.. OK, my kid's are out, but I STILL WORK FROM HOME. You getting the picture here?
So she drops by, and asks if she can leave "J" while she runs to Seattle to pick up her pay check. OK... 2 hours tops? I have a meeting and an account I am trying to pin down and I cannot have the extra kid around. Mine are suppose to go with Grandma for this.

Well needless to say leaves him.... and never comes back. Does not answer phone, and never later says anything to me. My oldest son walked "J" home at 8pm that evening and I looked at my husband and said that's it. I am done. This woman continues to call to try to make time for the kids, AT MY HOME... no.. I blow her off each time.
They finally they moved. THANK GOD!

So life goes on....

Now it is Friday, of this week. I get up Friday morning, and My oldest boy has track. It is a half day so I know the day is going to be long anyway. I am waiting on a package from Great Britain, but it still has not arrived. When the kids arrive home, I check the mail.

1st thing to set me off. I have an attempt at delivery. WHAT? sigh.......... this is like the 5th time my postal carrier has decided I am not here when I am and just didn't do his job. SO, I call the post office. The supervisor says he'll call the carrier, then call me back. OK.. he calls back. Apparently, the carriers cell is disconnected. Nice huh? Half the people in this country out of work, and this one has a job, but can't do it.

The day rolls on.. I take the kids, drop Antony at the track, go grocery shop, and then stop by post office because they called and said my package was there. During this, I almost was in 3 wrecks due to idiot people and my kids fighting in the back seat. I am frazzled OK?

About now I am looking like medusa, and really needing to just go home. Not Happening.

2nd thing to set me off. I go in, kids in tow, and the person I had talked to was not there, and neither was my package. Well.. fine. Now I am angry, but still holding it together. The person I do talk to gets mouthy with me, and so I blow... yep.. I blow. I am calling the flippin post master. (not the word I used) Sigh... so another gentleman steps in and says nice language lady. OK, he's right, and yes my kids are with me, but I am on a roll now. I whip around an shoot him the bird, then say how do you know I don't have tourette's? A** and proceed to leave.

I get in my jeep, get the kids in, and call my husband. PLEASE come home.. I am not having a good day and it is getting worse. What's wrong he says... I am almost crying.. IDK.. but just come home. OK,he is on his way. In the meantime, my son calls, he is done with track. I pick him up and take him and the kid's home. I decide at this point to call in pizza, and go pick it up, and meet hubby at bank. I leave the little ones.. 8, 9, and 10, with my 14 year old and go. I am a bit calmer now that hubby is coming home. Banking done, and pizza picked up, we head home. Me in the Jeep and him behind me in Taurus.

NOW.............I come around this sharp corner we have on the back road to the house. I am coming up to my house, which has a wrap around drive. In the driveway we don't use, is a vehicle I recognize. OMG.. and kids in my yard. I slam on my brakes, back up squealing the tires, and pull into the neighbors drive. I jump out of my jeep and tell "j's" mother to get her flippin punk kid, and her flippin car off my flippin property, then I holler at my son, who is watching this (with huge grin)my own cheerleading section here, he's 14 OK? and say get my gun, (don't have one), get my badge, (have one, but not active, and call the cops. This woman, gets out of her vehicle. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??????

What''s wrong she say's... why are you swearing at me.. OMG... because.... because I say. I don't like you, I don't like your kid, (not true about her kid) but I have truly lost it now, and your a sorry excuse for a mother, Get the FFFFFFFF out of here. In the meantime, my hubby had driven by, and turned the corner, and pulled into the drive we do use. I get back in my jeep, slam it in revers, squeal tires for more effect here and do the same. (she has gone at this point) and I get out and GLARE DAGGERS at hubby and slam into house.

He is such a so. That was my public meltdown. Do I act like this in general? God no.... OMG.. I never blow like this. It could have been handled so much differently. Do I regret it? Nope, because now I do not have to deal with a woman who does not know anything about manners and social boundaries. I feel a bit bad that my kids watched this... but hey. I am human.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Blogosphere.......... the ego driven world of on-line journalism

Blogosphere............ what's that mean exactly?

I have recently been reading a book called Roadside Crosses, by Jeffery Deaver. It is about cyber bullying, on-line blogging, forums, social sites, and life seeming anonymous. This got me thinking about my recent situation with my blog post on "Round three", where this person has demeaned me and tried to strike at my credibility.

The reason it got me thinking of it, is because I am still watching my views on this particular item, shoot up on a daily basis, where my other inventory sits with 1 or 2 views at the most. Oh, don't get me wrong, I have thought of this before, and throughout my little experience, but I like the way this guy says it. I'll be putting some quotes in here, so pay close attention. They will have particular meaning to my own situation.

So in a nutshell, the book is about a serial Killer, but the subtext is about the content that we find on the internet and blogs, and forums, and the credibility and reliability.

"Blogs, forums, social sites, are the mushrooms of the internet", we put a lot of stock in whats being said, and turn to them for information that may or may not be correct, but we accept as correct. The problem with this is, no one does the research. They take the author's word as "WORD". They are be all end all. We'll, not quite.

On a recent forum post, on "The Purse Forum" I came across a comment about my own business, posted apparently by a person who is adman-at that my item is not Authentic. This post was done on Jan 27th 2010 pg. 115 of the purseblog forum for bonanzle. Now normally I would bypass this, and move on. I have no time for games, and petty jealousy, and certainly no time for someone who chooses not to back up their statement. The problem I for see in this, is they won't quit. The comment is still there in the public eye, for all the world to see, along with a link to my on-line business.

So here is a question for the tpf'ers as they coin themselves, and for all the thousands of people who take this blog/forum as gospel, yet, neglect to read, or ignore the disclaimer the site has on it's home page.

1st,we have the welcome "Welcome to The Purse Forum.
Our Purse Forum, or TPF, is the #1 online social network for everything designer handbag related. Join over 250,000 enthusiastic members in this friendly community and start engaging in the discussion today. (Let me highlight a few things)

Then we have the disclaimer on the Authenticate this forum. "Disclaimer
All Authenticate This threads are here to provide assistance to shoppers who are uncertain about the legitimacy and authenticity of designer goods. The evaluations posted by our members are nothing but opinions that stem from personal experiences as shoppers and collectors. They are not legally binding or professional authentications and are not to be treated as such.

For questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact me via the forum's contact form.

Happy Bag Hunting!"

WHY do you take this as gospel?

I did a little research on the user ID that made a be-belittling comment about me on this forum, and one, I have to say, I have never been contacted directly by this person. So here is what I found out. He/She.. has nothing with a real name, linking them to their posting ID. They have an e store that apparently is closed, they have a bonanzle booth that has 39 items in it, and 20 feedback, 9 of which is imported from a different site. Now they do have another .com site, that is consignment luxury goods, but the same items are listed there as on bonanzle.

So why am I harping on this again? Well, like I said, I am watching my views on this particular item, and they consistently stay up. SO either the person or person's are real curious about it, and have not emailed me yet, or they are getting ready to "bomb" it again.

In bonanzle's defense, I have to say that Mark has stood behind me 100% on this, and continues to do so. Kudo's to management for there continuous support. I also have to say that I am sure, that even though Mark and Bill are working on away to eliminate tagging like this, it won't be in time for this not to happen again. Of course that is not bonanzle's fault. They are doing the best they can. I wonder though what stake in this the person really has, and expect this situation to continue indefinitely.

So here's to you! Cheer's, and best wishes in your endeavor. I am sorry that this is now a public fiasco, but I am tired of defending myself and watching inflammatory comments about myself, stay on a "professional" forum.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Pasta............................That's Italian, for noodles.

I'll start by saying, this was a date long in coming. Usually when Grandma takes the kids,(once or twice a year) we have no clue what to do. We drive aimlessly, usually we are both grumpy, and we waste a whole day, finally by ending up on the couch watching a movie, or going to bed to read. I think it is just the fact that we are getting some quiet time from the kids, that makes us not want to really do anything.

So backing up here, we decided this time to really plan the day. Antiquing, nice dinner in an upscale restaurant, no limits on the budget. (Well not no limits, but less than normal limits)

The last three days was a build up to yesterday, Paul working, me working, and the kids at school. We couldn't wait to get out. I do have to say, in the back of our minds, though, we were still reluctant, waiting for that one thing that would send us home to nap. He did a job this week, and because the guy had a prize winning garden, they were not allowed to use a machine. He dug a trench by hand. Therefore, we knew his carpal tunnel would act up. I have been ill since October, and was unsure if I would make it through a whole day without a nap.

On to the date. We dropped the kids with grandma, (who forgot she was watching them) then took off to get gas and hit the bank. We had decided we were heading to Anacortes. A little town up on the coast that caters to Antiques, Artist, and bikers. You have to pass through Mt Vernon to get to it. This is a gorgeous drive. The tulip festival is up here, and although they are not in bloom yet, the daffodils were out. I made honey stop to get pictures. His term is pictures of Fleur's. (Yes, I am married to a dork, but he is my dork)

By the time we get up to Anacortes, it is going on 1:30pm.... WOW Already? So we browse a few antique shops, and then of course, the inevitable aches and pains set in. I am done, he is done, so now on to find a great place to eat.

Back in Mt.Vernon, there is a great old building. Used to be a bank, then a antique mall, and now it is called the Il Granior. This apparently has been voted by king 5 news viewers, and Evening magazine as the "Best in the Northwest" Italian food.

Really? OK, we'll start with the menu. Fancy Italian names. Antipasti, Insalante', (that's salad for those of you who don't speak Italian.) Pasta, That's Italian for noodles.

When we arrived, we were the 1st customers in there. Great ambiance, Italian chef and owner, nice small intimate tables. Fairy lights, OH and Itailian music. (appaerently Kenny Rodgers and Dolly Parton can sing in Italian. We've got tonight)

They have a 4pm to 6pm 4 course meal for a good deal. 20.00 a pop. Starting with Bruchetta, a salad, and endless garlic bread and the main course, of course. Paul choose the Strozzapreti calabrese, (this means store bought, but I'll get to that later) and I had the Fettucine Il Granio. He ordered a black brutte, and I had a coffee. Great Coffee!

The waiter brings the endless bread, along with the appetizer, the brushetta. Looks like a open face blt, with out the lt, and pretty much taste like it to. Oh, and the waiter had to have been new, because the Mexican busboy did a better job. (I'll mention him later also, since he got the bigger tip)

Now we move on to the endless garlic bread. I did say garlic bread.

GARLIC BREAD? This looks more like croutons. See?

That's Paul's Insalante' Looks like a big ole crouton on there... that was the endless garlic bread. It works. I think they keep a box in the back.

OK, now back up a sec here, also on the beer and wine menu, they had little astirch next to some of the listings. We assumed this meant, Bottle, carafe, or 1/2 carafe available. His Black brutte? That comes in a keg or 1/2 keg.

On to the main course.

1st I show you Paul's Stozzapreti Calabrese' (again this must mean store bought, because it seriously tasted like Chef Boy Ar Dee, according to Paul, so I had to taste, and of course he was right.

Now mine, (who can mess up Fettucine?) Well the chef. I asked for no mushrooms because, Who eats fungus? Really, so it took awhile for them to pick the mushrooms out. We had a second brushetta brought to us during this time, and thought nothing of it. (The table behind us, did not get theirs, although we did not know this until the end of the meal.)

My fettuccine tasted like tuna casserole. UGH... Paul tasted, and at this point, we were pretty much done. I could have had the meal comped I suppose, but we were tired, and I just wanted one more picture and to get out of there.

The picture was taken by our busboy, who did more work than the waiter. He got the bigger tip. He also gave Paul a chair, because well... he could see he was tired.

We were also given dessert, but we took that home with us. This restaurant was named the "Best in the Northwest" for Italian food. In my opinion it is where Chef boy ar dee goes at night to add the leftovers to the cans he puts on the supermarket shelves.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Round Three

As some of you know, who follow my blog, I have had trouble with a person, calling one of my items into question. I did a post on this back in November, or December, the second time it had come up.

Let me bring you up to speed with a bit of background if your unaware of the situation. I had an item reserved until I could prove authenticity. That was done to the best of my ability, and in the eyes of the site that I sell on, was accepted. It Should have been end of story. A month later, it was brought up again, and that was when I posted the 1st blog on this. Now the bottom line is, I still do not have a valid reason why this person is so adamant on my item being a fake. If I did, I could look into it further and possibly this person would be right. BUT, Because I do not, we are at an impasse.

Well, now we are on to round three. Here is the current situation. Because the item was deemed authentic, the person in question decided for themselves that this was un-true. They then went to a public forum and slandered me. I reported the slander, but because it was off the site that I sell on, again nothing could be done about it.

Several months have passed. On Monday of this week, I had a sale. At that time, my booth items dropped by one item. As they should. After getting the item ready and going and marking shipped, I look, and my booth items again dropped by one more.

HUH?? Well, because I have been busy, and because the site is relatively new, I thought nothing of it. May have been a glitch, which has happened before. A week passes. On Saturday, I go into my batch edit to use my mark down manager. I had decided to run a sale on china. THIS did not happen, because low and behold, there sits my item that I thought was no longer in question, with a big "SUSPENDED" next to it.

For those of you who know the site, you know that you can go in and report an item as fake. You use the "bomb" button. Each report is assigned a value so people do not take advantage of it. Meaning, if I report it, it is coming from my ISP address, I cannot then keep hitting that button. Well, I can, but it does no good.

Apparently, because of this, this person who originally thought my item to be fake, recruited a lot of people on different computers, to go in and "bomb" my listing. This to me tells me I am dealing with a mentality of a child and not a professional dealer.

I would hate to sell anything to anyone that is not what I think it is, however, if I am not provided the information to research it further, then I am stuck with what I have, and that is the item is real.

At this point in this on going saga, I have decided to keep it listed. Even though the public slander is creating doubts about my own ability, I refuse to allow anyone to control how I do business. I show integrity, and honestly in dealing with my customers, and that is all I can do.

Friday, March 5, 2010

I said NAPS...............not CATS!

I will keep this relatively short.

So in the last several months, I have been going through some health issues. In a nut shell it came down to a test I had done last week. A bone marrow biopsy. Arrghh the pain. If any one of you find your self in this position, go for the blood work. It takes longer for results, less painful, and less expensive. Trust me, this was not fun.

Well, we got the results last night, but before I tell you them, I will tell you what lead up to this post. Everything was fine as far as my nerves go on this test. I knew what they were looking for, and had prepared my self for possible bad news. (I thought) Anyway, in the middle of this, we have a cat. She is pregnant, and so decides to go into false labor the day of my results. HA HA HA... I had been needing a distraction, because the closer the day came, the more nervous I got. Not sleeping well, and over tired. Well, I had a little chat with god, ya see, and asked for a distraction. He misunderstood.

I asked for a few NAPS, not a few CATS!

So, that was my distraction. God has a pretty weird sense of humor. My cat had false labor, I never got a nap, and the day was long.

The good news? The tests all came back negative. No rare blood cancer, no leukemia, no lymphoma. Back to the drawing board.

Still waiting on kittens to.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Personal life and business.. when they conflict.

What to do.. what to do. For the 1st time in my life, there are some personal things happening, that may end up conflicting with my business. Hmm.... so what to do.

I am usually a very private person, and there are a select few who know me on that level. My business has always come 1st, but I now find my self in a position that may well end up making it 2nd.. or 3rd.

My customers are number one, however, I cannot take care of them, if I am not taking care of me. How do other business owners do this and still stay in business? I can't be the only one out there with some things to attend to. The problem is, it seems as if they may be on-going. Where is the balance? Acckk! It's making me nuts. I have always done well under pressure so this should be a no brain er right? Just schedule things to fit whats happening.

Well... on the internet, there are expectations that your available 24 hours a day. My god! How do people survive getting up at 3 am to answer a desperate email to see if you still have a particular product available? Where did this expectation come from? I would never presume my local deli mart to be open solely for my needs. I can wait until tomorrow. I can really. It's not a big deal.

So this is for those who need it right NOW. I am here, and I will get to you, and it will be as lovely as you need it to be, but, I will not answer 3am emails, I will not be here on weekends, and I will not jump because you say jump. Please understand that us business owners have a life also, and communication is key. We know your there, and will do our 100% best to get what you need, but our 100% has to be because we are 100%.

I love my business, it is one of the best decisions I ever made. I run it to the best of my ability. Your #1 when it comes to staying in business, but I am #1 when it comes to running it.