Sunday, January 5, 2014


Abracadabra is a Hebrew term meaning, I create what I speak. 

One would like to believe that, in theory this works. However, I think you have to feel it too... not just speak it. Passion, creates momentum. Forward movement. 

To move on to a creative space, to be passionate about what you do. You not only speak it, you feel it, and then live it. 

I have to visualize what I want in my life, then go out and get it. Sitting back waiting for anything to happen is not the correct way to approach anything you do. 

I have once more a vision in place of how I want my life. My company closing was the catalyst for the newest dream. I have a 6 month goal, and a 1 year goal. I'm going to be proactive in making this happen. 

No more will I be immobilized by what someone may think or feel about it. This is my life, and I am getting back to it. I've allowed to many intrusions into what I need for me, my children and those I love. I will not allow someone else to dictate my actions. Mine do not dictate others, I won't give that part of myself up anymore. 

In the end, waving the magic wand and saying abracadabra would be nice, but unfortunately it does not work. 

So here is to once more, a new vision, a new direction, and a new goal. I want a storefront, a boutique, with music memorabilia, home decor concerning music, pictures that are framed that have to do with music. Everything music.  You have to see it, not just speak it, and it will materialize. 


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