Friday, January 17, 2014

Completely random.... or is it?

My thoughts have scattered to the winds, and come back like fall leaves and settle in, laying in a gently mound at my feet. 

So much on my mind, what I want, what is right, where I'm going.... 

My focus, comes and goes... starting with one thought, and growing into something more... becoming bigger, clearer, and then falling apart, and starting over again. Seeing something elusive,  just out of reach... like a dream, with a mist around the edges. Wavering, then becoming clear. 

Reaching out... touching the clearness, then having it disappear as I close my hand on it. Scattering like confetti... Starting again, working the thoughts into shapes. The shapes into tangible ideas... 

Dreams,  like a million stars in a midnight sky.... blinking in and out... some falling, some becoming brighter. Shaping and re shaping into beautiful bright lights....

Lights, shinning the way, to something more... fulfillment. 

Life by design, my journey is on maestro... play on 


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