Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Somewhere girl

Caught...... in the between. Searching for something, somewhere. Nature verses nurture... 
Antony Youssef Ahmed 

My son writes to me in the middle of the night, 

you are strong mom, and I don't say it enough, but I love you. You'll be fine, 

How does my 18 year old know this? Maybe because his goals, hopes and dreams, changed when mine did. 

Maybe he really does get it, this child of mine. 

He's always been my heart. The one I fight for, the one I would gladly die for. 

Had his father made his goal years ago, I would have traveled to the Middle East at the time with a friend of mine who is a mercenary. 

I don't know that my son know's the whole story. I know he hears one thing from his father, another from his step father.... 

I've tried to teach him logic. Question everything.  Nothing in life is guaranteed. 

He's growing up now, has his own life, college, a girlfriend... so he see's.... 

He has the gift of discernment. He's a smart young man. he'll make it too. 

Me? I'm somewhere..... still looking.. still wanting. It's my path. My Journey. 
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