Tuesday, September 10, 2013

and god laughs

Making plans and having them fall into place neatly is all well and good, however, I believe our god, who ever you call him, what ever your belief is,  just decides that there is to much nastiness and trauma in this world so sits back and throws a wrench into the works. He/she has a very morbid sense of humor. 

I've had plans, set out many times. In my younger years it was a degree, in psychology. Then it went to working in security. I flip flopped between that and day care out of necessity. Security paid well, but was not a low risk job. Day care, was minimum wage, but consistent and I knew I would not be shot on some random robbery or bar fight. 

I loved working the bars, but after the birth of my daughter, getting married, the birth of my son, my priorities changed. I concentrated on my family. I was still doing some contract security, but my husband at the time, being Muslim, wanted me in a "woman's" job. 

The one at a desk, answering phones, painting my nails and possibly giving the boss a bj, to further my position. YES, that was said to me. I about fell out of my chair. 

Alright, we all know this is movie stuff, at least I assumed it was.  The casting couch.  Get the picture? Honestly though, I was floored. Needless to say, this marriage did not last long. Once again, things changed. 

It's funny too, when I was a little girl, I was fascinated with Egypt, and the pyramids  I wanted to be in a harem. Well, that didn't happen, thank god.... but I think it came close.

What did I learn from this? People are funny, beliefs are different, and I have always accepted people for who they are. If they stay in my life or not. I teach my children the same thing. 

It was time to move on. 

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