Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Dark days....darker nights

I'm alone in my thoughts... Introspection. 

Love brings us joy, light... Sunshine, and happiness; but there are times, where it is dark. 

I think about the men I have loved, the reasons why... They allude me. Each one, has broken me in a different way. Betrayed me... Or was it me, who betrayed myself? I don't have the answer to that one yet. 

One.... There is one, who shared with me, everything he is, his light, and his dark. The depths of where I was taken, the things I saw, changed the core of who I am. 

You cannot change who you love, because love is unconditional, there is no judgement, no choice, it just is. No ego. 

I have always loved without reserve. I will continue to love the same. I will not allow myself to be jaded. 

My path will continue as always, I will shoulder that darkness that is in all of us, and hope that I can change, in one small way, the thinking of others, in the hopes that I may bring some light to show the way. 


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