Friday, September 20, 2013

Friday nights...

It used to be, Friday nights was "the" night to hit the town. Three years ago, that's what I would do. Dinner, friends, dancing, music, drinks... meeting new people, and just loving life. 

Don't get me wrong, I still love my life, it's just my Fridays when the kids are gone, seemed to have abruptly come to an end. My life for the last three years has been on a constant high. Always something to do, somewhere to go, a new band to see... new people to meet. 

New dances to learn... I love dancing! I miss it... love my writing, but dancing for me is also a freedom of expression. 

I guess going into the fall, my activities will slow down a bit. I hate when I become sedentary. I am social and love to be on the go. It's stimulating to be out with people. I like being alone too, really have no problem with it. A good book, a glass of wine. Solitary. Nice.... but that's more for cold winter nights. 

I am home right now, thinking, why? Everyone else is out, having fun.... my kids are with their dad for the weekend, so what the heck am I doing? Sitting here writing... 

wanting to dance.... 

Peace out loves~ done for the night 
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