Monday, September 9, 2013

Getting out of me

So this post is about me. 

Getting out of me.... I sit here and listen to how people deal with their reality's. We are talking about, the artist, the composer, the musician, the writer. Left side brain thinkers. They put all the worlds hurts and pains aside while they do what they do. It comes in the form of their creativity. It's genius really. 

We are people who are alone in our thoughts, and maybe sometimes; alone in our journeys.  Only sharing parts of ourselves. Some more than others, but all of us, keep our scars hidden. It comes out in what we do. 

I write. I write when I am in pain, hurt, going through a loss of some sort. I write when I am experiencing joy, love, and connection to humanity that I can relate to. I write about my life, but in such a way that you do not always know that it is specifically about me. 

Through the years, I have done all sorts of, and writing, and I always come back to my writing. I have a way of expressing myself that other's benefit from. My life, my family, my loves. Trials and tribulations, how I get through everything I have been through. 

Changing goals, changing priority's, and sometimes; hopefully helping people change their perspective on how they deal with the events in their life. Hopefully being an inspiration, to men and women, who deal with life on life's terms. 

I think over the years, I have changed my goals many times. I have dreams and aspirations like everyone else, but I don't know if those are in the plans for me. A very good friend, whom I have know for 30 years, said to me, knock it off... you can do this. 

I'm mercurial, I have a gypsy soul... he called me a butterfly... and he's right. Listen to the words. I flit, from one thing to another. That being said, I don't know that I can do this, but I have started to make some connections, and I will give it a shot, because of him. 

It's funny.....
I have had people tell me to write, all my life.... From my best friend, to new friends, to the man I love, but what it took, was someone on the outside, looking in, and one comment from him, was all it took for me to take some action on this. 
So there you go Mr. Carlson.... I'm doing it. I don't know what you saw in what I write, other than the post you shared, but I'm giving it a shot. 

Just do me a favor, don't hold me up on a pedestal, the fall would hurt. lol.... 

peace out~ 
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